Prerequisite Study Page for Glenn Fleisch Workshop

Below is an outline and link to Glenn’s article: The Body’s Recovery of Spirit. You may interact with other class participants by using the comment / reply section at the bottom of this page.


Threshold events: a WBF process to free bound energy and transform embodied stances
Creating the threshold: entering the liminal space

Whole body focusing at points of blockage: setting up the threshold event

Brief vignettes of Threshold Events in Wholebody Focusing oriented therapy:

Vignette #1: How a postural stance retrieves the spirit of a deeply wounded self
Vignette #2: How an entrenched life-stance opens and releases
Vignette #3: Letting the body reawaken its youthful spirit

Discussion: Threshold events as a turning point on the journey- the body leads us Home
Conclusion: Crossing and returning to the threshold: repetition, circularity and retrieval

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