Prerequisite for joining our Amherst study group

The IFF require that each participant in our online Amherst study group agree to purchase or borrow at least part of the Amherst DVDs or transcripts.
Therefore if everyone can indicate that you plan to purchase or borrow even part of the Amherst DVDs or transcripts then the IFF will give permission for us to continue.
It looks like fifty-six dollars for one week’s transcript pdf.
Here is Link for the Amherst transcripts:
Here is Link for the Amherst DVDs 

For now I added to emails:

“As everyone has agreed, the pre-requisite for joining Amherst study group is the intention to purchase part or all of the Amherst transcripts or dvd’s from the IFF.”
With appreciation,

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For members of the Online Amherst Study Group:
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