Amherst Study Group

A study group for Feldenkrais® practitioners (and Feldenkrais Trainees in their 3rd or 4th year) to learn and reflect on the Amherst Training materials (1980-1981). The dvds and transcripts are available from the International Feldenkrais Federation or in your regional library.

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If you are interested in the Amherst Study Group but wish to have more information before joining us, please go to the bottom of this page and add your request in a comment.

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Study Group details:

We meet weekly on Zoom to study the Amherst training DVDs together.

We appreciate Tiffany Sankary beginning this group and Tiffany’s Amherst Study Facebook group which supports our study.

15% DISCOUNT from the IFF for those joining our online Amherst Study Group: 
15% off coupon for the Amherst Transcripts/Training DVDs.
To receive this discount please fill out the form at this LINK

Amherst 1980 WEEK 9 DVD ToC (Table of Contents) & Study Dates June-August 2019

* Mondays  2019
(Potential duration: up to 1.25 hour)
* North America: 10:45 am Pacific  / 1:45pm Eastern
(Tuesdays in Australia and Japan)

* Wednesdays  2019
(Potential duration: 45-60 minutes)
* North America:4:45pm Pacific / 7:45pm Eastern
(Thursdays in Australia and Japan)

POLL to indicate your participation! 
There is a comments section for notes, questions, wishes.

AMHERST STUDY Mondays 10:45am PT / Mondays & Wednesdays 4:45pm PT

The IFF grants permission to Tiffany Sankary & Katarina Halm to use excerpts of the Amherst training videos in the context of the Online Amherst Study Group. It is understood that these sessions are broadcast via Zoom (or similar) to a closed membership group of Feldenkrais Practitioners and Students. The video broadcasts will not be recorded. Members of the group will purchase their own copies of the materials to be studied. 

5 replies
  1. happybones
    happybones says:

    ~ Currently studying Amherst Year 1 Week 1

    * Mondays  2019
    (Potential duration: 45 minutes)
    * North America: 4:45pm Pacific / 7:45pm Eastern 
    * Nishinomiya, Hyogo Japan: 9:45am Tuesdays
    * Adelaide Australia: 11:15 am Tuesdays
    * Sydney Australia: 11:45am Tuesdays
    * Auckland New Zealand: 1:45pm Tuesdays

    * Wednesdays  2019
    (Potential duration: 45 minutes)
    * North America:4:45pm Pacific / 7:45pm Eastern 
    * Nishinomiya, Hyogo Japan: 9:45am Thursdays
    * Adelaide Australia: 11:15 am Thursdays
    * Sydney Australia: 11:45am Thursdays 
    * Auckland New Zealand: 1:45pm Thursdays 

  2. happybones
    happybones says:

    ~ Currently studying Amherst Year 1 Week 8

    * Mondays 2019
    (Potential duration: up to 1.25 hour)
    * North America: 10:45 am Pacific / 1:45pm Eastern
    * Europe: 7:45pm

  3. Linda Faulhaber
    Linda Faulhaber says:

    I am in the 4th year of training with David Zemach-Bersin and am interested in joining the study group but am completely computer illiterate. Can you send me information about how ll this works and/or is were someone in the nyc area I could speak to about how all this works. I am at 212-74-4329.


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