We continue our study of Amherst Year Two!

Study Mon & Wed & Fri Oct 14 & 16 & 18, 2019
Talk—Spatial Relationships

Tape #2 DVD 1 Track 2
June 8, 1981

PM2* afternoon session 2
30 minutes
page 32 of day 1
(which starts on page 38 of entire transcript) 16 total pages

Study Mon & Wed & Fri Oct 21 & 23 & 25, 2019
ATM—Flexing of Right Palm / Press Floor to Lift Knees

Tape #2 DVD 1 Track 2
June 9, 1981

AM1* morning session 1
60 minutes
page 1 of day 3
(which starts on page 47 of entire transcript) 13 total pages

Amherst Study Group

A study group for Feldenkrais® or Anat Baniel Method® (ABM) Practitioners and Trainees in any year of their study to learn and reflect on the Amherst Training materials (1980-1981).
IFF Materials Distribution Centre
The Amherst materials are available for purchase by ANY trainee on the IFF website here: https://feldenkrais-method.org/materials/item/amherst-training-transcripts-dvds/
** In order to be a part of this study group you agree to the following:
1/  provide a link or documentation or graduation diploma
to show that you are a Feldenkrais or Trainee, or an ABM  Practitioner or Trainee
2/  have purchased or intend to purchase some of the Amherst DVD, VHS recordings or transcripts from the International Feldenkrais Federation (IFF) or access them via your regional Feldenkrais library and/or Feldenkrais colleagues.
** To receive login details for our Zoom meetings, please fill out this form on this page, thank you!
(here is url to this form/page for reference if you wish to invite a colleague

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Study Group details:

We meet on Zoom to study the Amherst training DVDs together.
With appreciation to Tiffany Sankary beginning this group
and Tiffany’s Amherst Study Facebook group which supports our study.

* Mondays  2019
(1.25 hour)
10:45 am Pacific time

* Wednesdays  2019
(1.25 hour)
4:30pm Pacific time
(Thursdays in Australia and Japan)

* Fridays  2019
(1.25 hour)
6:30am Pacific time

POLL to indicate your participation! 
There is a comments section for notes, questions, wishes.

Logistics for Amherst Study Group

The IFF grants permission to Tiffany Sankary & Katarina Halm to use excerpts of the Amherst training videos in the context of the Online Amherst Study Group. It is understood that these sessions are broadcast via Zoom (or similar) to a closed membership group of Feldenkrais Practitioners and Students. The video broadcasts will not be recorded. Members of the group will purchase their own copies of the materials to be studied. 

6 replies
  1. happybones
    happybones says:

    ~ Currently studying Amherst Year 1 Week 1

    * Mondays  2019
    (Potential duration: 45 minutes)
    * North America: 4:45pm Pacific / 7:45pm Eastern 
    * Nishinomiya, Hyogo Japan: 9:45am Tuesdays
    * Adelaide Australia: 11:15 am Tuesdays
    * Sydney Australia: 11:45am Tuesdays
    * Auckland New Zealand: 1:45pm Tuesdays

    * Wednesdays  2019
    (Potential duration: 45 minutes)
    * North America:4:45pm Pacific / 7:45pm Eastern 
    * Nishinomiya, Hyogo Japan: 9:45am Thursdays
    * Adelaide Australia: 11:15 am Thursdays
    * Sydney Australia: 11:45am Thursdays 
    * Auckland New Zealand: 1:45pm Thursdays 

  2. happybones
    happybones says:

    ~ Currently studying Amherst Year 2 Week 1

    * Mondays 2019
    (1.25 hour)
    * North America: 10:45 am Pacific time
    (Tuesdays in Australia and Japan)

    * Wednesdays 2019
    (1.25 hour)
    * North America:4:30pm Pacific timen
    (Thursdays in Australia and Japan)

    * Fridays 2019
    (1.25 hour)
    * North America:6:30am Pacific time
    (Thursdays in Australia and Japan)

  3. Linda Faulhaber
    Linda Faulhaber says:

    I am in the 4th year of training with David Zemach-Bersin and am interested in joining the study group but am completely computer illiterate. Can you send me information about how ll this works and/or is were someone in the nyc area I could speak to about how all this works. I am at 212-74-4329.


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