Sleep helps the body clear away amyloid and tau (related to dementia)

(with appreciation to Doug Bolston, adapted and annotated by Katarina)

A single night of interrupted sleep causes an increase in brain proteins believed to cause Alzheimer’s disease, researchers reported.

They believe their research shows that “sleep helps the body clear away the compounds, called amyloid and tau, and that interrupting sleep may allow too much of them to build up”.

A study, published in the journal Brain, does not show that poor sleep causes Alzheimer’s, but it does add one more piece to the puzzle of what may cause dementia.

“When people had their slow-wave sleep disrupted, their amyloid levels increased by about 10 percent,” said Dr.. Yo-El Ju of Washington University in St. Louis, who led the study .


Click here for the entire article.  “Here’s How Sleep Loss Can Affect Alzheimer’s”


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