OPTIONAL Contributions to Katarina for service to

‘An AY a Day’Feldenkrais® group

Professional Feldenkrais® Laboratory & Continuing Education ~ Optional Contribution to Katarina Halm for Service ‘An AY a Day’ Feldenkrais® Group 

Five different ways to contribute:

  1. Send a Cheque in USD (Katarina’s preference)
    email katarina@thinkinginmovement.ca for the address.
  2.  e-transfer within Canada katarina@thinkinginmovement.ca
  3. Quarterly recurring Contributions. 
  4.  Monthly recurring Contributions $20 monthly 
  5. One-time Contributions by PayPal.

With devotion to our learning

Your study and participation in Kwan’s “An AY a Day” community can meet part or all of your Professional Feldenkrais® Laboratory & Continuing Education requirements.

Katarina helps care-take Kwan’s “An AY a Day” facebook page. Katarina is the person responsible for the links regularly posted on Kwan’s “An AY a Day” Facebook page. She creates and edits the recordings and posts you can access. Editing and creating those recordings is a very time consuming project.

If you enjoy listening to “An AY a Day” discussions, you can send al Contribution to help support Katarina’s time, effort, and dedication as listed in the column to the left.

You will receive an automatic receipt upon sending al Contribution. Also if you request, Katarina will send you a year-end receipt for your 2017 & 2018 & future year Contributions.

Katarina is grateful for all Contributions from “An AY a Day” participants. Your ongoing support of Katarina ensures that she can continue to support you, your education, and our “An AY a Day” community.