Danielle Desfosses

Danielle Desfosses, PhD Candidate

Family and Human Development
T. Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics
Arizona State University

I have infinite patience when it comes to fulfilling my life purpose. 

I am the owner of Proactive Creations for Kids, an upcoming company of children’s books and related products. I have written and composed many musical books, which I am now in the process of self-publishing. My life purpose is to inspire and empower kids to become more proactive, one book at a time.

I was not born proactive. Rather, I have worked on becoming more proactive each day to overcome some uncommon life challenges (e.g., multiple chronic illnesses since childhood, severe and prolonged bullying). To me, being proactive is a process of developing tools that enable us to choose the most mindful response or reaction and then act on that choice. Being proactive has been a vehicle for my resilience. I want children everywhere to achieve resilient hearts and minds so they can reach their fullest potential.

My books integrate three key tools to help children develop proactivity, and in turn, resilience. I chose these tools based on my expertise in children’s social and cognitive skills (PhD expected 2019), combined with my personal experiences. These tools are:

  1. Executive Functioning; a cognitive skills that involves purposeful goal-directed behavior
  2. Social Emotional Learning (also known as Social Skills) and;
  3. A personal mindfulness practice, including FOCUSING!

For more details, please visit my website at www.proactivecreations.com


Level 4 Focusing Class and Circle

Hi, fellow focusers. It’s Danielle here. Next year I’ll be launching a series of children’s books related to my expertise in mindfulness, social skills, and cognitions upon completing my PhD. I completed the first three focusing levels with Katarina many years ago and wish to complete the fourth level so that I can better introduce focusing into my future work as a children’s author. Recently I was in the 16th Ave. Studio with Katarina and she is kindly helping me achieve that goal.  We would love to start a Level 4 Focusing Class and Circle beginning in April and we would love it if you could join us! 

Here is a poll for choosing dates:
Please leave a comment if you prefer other times. We will also create a Facebook page for the event.