Ellen Soloway March 17, 2019 ~ Introduction to Seeing Beyond Limitations – Advanced Training with Ellen Soloway

Functional Integration® Online Mentoring Group experience – Sunday, March 17, 2019  1pmEST  10amPST

Join Ellen Soloway, Feldenkrais practitioner and assistant trainer, in a live online Functional Integration mentoring experience.
Participants will observe a Feldenkrais Practitioner giving an FI™ lesson
to a client while Ellen gives verbal cues until the practitioner’s technique and understanding improves.
The FI will be based on an ATM lesson specifically selected by the practitioner for his client from the Alexander Yanai series of lessons. Observing participants in the group will receive notification of the AY lesson reference number in advance of the session.
“This is better than watching and imitating a demonstration because the practitioner’s handling skills and related understanding of the ATM lesson improve in an organic way. I give verbal cues until an “aha” moment becomes apparent to the person on the table, to the practitioner, and to the observers.” Ellen Soloway
“My first time watching Ellen support a practitioner in the FI process answered many of those questions that I have had during my own FI practice sessions. She provided insights that I immediately used the next day in FI’s with my own clients. I was so appreciative of her style of coaching that I immediately wanted to become a part of her mentoring group sessions and even arranged for her to come to Canada to lead an advanced training for practitioners.” Brent Kisilevich GCFP, Vernon, BC.
Some questions that may arise for practitioners during FI lessons:
  • What am I supposed to be looking for?
  • How might I select a lesson that will address my client’s needs?
  • How do I organize myself to do this move?
  • How do I know if I made a difference that the client understands?
  • What might I do next?
  • How do I identify the ‘aha’ moment in an FI?
  • How do I know the session is finished?
Ellen’s Bio
Ellen Soloway graduated from the Amherst Feldenkrais Training and established a private practice in New Orleans. She is an Assistant Trainer and the editor of the Alexander Yanai ATM® Volumes. For over 12 years she was an assistant in Anat Baniel’s Feldenkrais Training programs. Ellen works in Atlanta and San Antonio where she specializes in working with children with special needs. She particularly enjoys working with practitioners in mentoring programs where Ellen helps practitioners develop their theoretical understanding and their technical skills.
Broadcast over Zoom videoconference
Price: Canadian Region FGNA Members US$10
Price: Other Region FGNA Members US$15
DATE: Sunday March 17, 2019 10AM PDT  1PM EDT
 Seeing Beyond Limitations – Advanced Training

Seeing Beyond Limitations – Advanced Training with Ellen Soloway

Saturday and Sunday May 11-12, 2019
hosted by Brent Kisilevich & Okanagan Feldenkrais®
Okanagan Feldenkrais Centre
Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

The process of developing visual skills begins at birth and becomes intertwined with the formation of other developmental movement skills. By examining relevant ATM’s, mentoring, and hands-on practice, practitioners will become more proficient at integrating eye movements into to their Functional Integration® sessions with clients.

  • Learn to skillfully handle the head
  • Become familiar with basic principles of healthier vision.
  • Translate ATM lessons into FI lessons

Workshop price: $395 CDN + GST

Early bird: $360 CDN + GST – Early bird ends at midnight PST on April 12, 2019
Available only to Feldenkrais Practitioners, Anat Baniel Method Practitioners, Somatics Practitioners, & 3rd or 4th year students in Feldenkrais Trainings. There is a 10% discount for Canadian Region members. Participants are not authorized to use FGNA service marks unless they have received authorization from FGNA.

Number of Participants is limited.  Register early to guarantee your spot.

Register now


Ellen’s Advanced trainings

#1  British Columbia Canada: (Vernon is the town — Kelowna is the airport)
Dates: 2 days, May 11 & 12, 2019 (Saturday-Sunday)
Subject: Working with your Eyes and carriage of your head  2 days
Contact: Brent <brent@okanaganfeldenkrais.com>
The Okanagan Feldenkrais Centre
3005-32 Street, Vernon, BC, V1T 5M4
25 minutes north of the Kelowna International Airport.
Website:  www.okanaganfeldenkrais.com/

#2 Ann Arbor Michigan is the town — Detroit (DFW) is the airport.
Dates: 4 days, June 20 -23, 2019 (Thursday-Sunday)
Subject:  Ribs, breath, and your spine
Contact: Dale Jensen <djensen1@gmail.com>
#3 Washington, DC  
Dates: 2 days, Either August 24 & 25 OR August 31 & Sept. 1, 2019  (Saturday-Sunday)
Subject: Eyes part 2
Contact: Chrish Kresge <chrish@chrishkresge.com> or Jane Johnson <fitoverforty@jesed.com>
#4 Durham, North Carolina (Durham is the town — airport is Raleigh-Durham).
Dates: 4 days, Oct. 10 – 13, 2019 (Thursday-Sunday)
Subject:  The ribs transmit and connect movement
Contact: Marcia Eagle <meagle001@gmail.com>
Attendance is usually limited to 20-24 people.
Ellen seldom allows more than 12 Feldenkrais tables to be active during FI practice.


#1 Ann Arbor Michigan is the town — Detroit (DFW) is the airport.
Topic:  The midline and the importance of crossing it.
Dates: either June  21-24, 2018 (Thursday-Sunday)
FI’s available on the day before the advanced
Contact: Dale Jensen. <dale@mindbodymove.com>

#2 Raleigh-Durham area (Durham is the town — airport is Raleigh-Durham).
Topic: The spine, the head and face.
Dates: August 9-12, 2018 (Thursday – Sunday)
FI’s available on the Wednesday before the advanced.
Contact:  Ellen Soloway <ellen@soloway-feldenkrais.com>

#3 Arlington Virginia Washington DC area 
Topic: Seeing beyond your limitations.
Dates:  Nov. 3 & 4, 2018 (Saturday & Sunday)
Contact:  Ellen Soloway <ellen@soloway-feldenkrais.com>
REGISTRATION: https://www.eventbrite..com/e/ellen-solaway-tickets-50575426462

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