Ellen Soloway ~ Seeing beyond your limitations: Arlington, Virginia.  Nov. 3 & 4, 2018

Ellen Soloway Advanced Training 2018 #3

Arlington, Virginia (somewhat near Washington DC) 
Topic: Seeing beyond your limitations.
Dates:  Nov. 3 & 4, 2018 (Saturday & Sunday)
Contact:  Ellen Soloway <ellen@soloway-feldenkrais.com>
REGISTRATION: https://www.eventbrite..com/e/ellen-solaway-tickets-50575426462

Jutta Brettschnei writes: “thanks to the late David Webber, Carl Ginsberg and to Ellen Soloway, the work with the eyes became a lot more accessible for us Feldies. Now our region is hosting Ellen Soloway to come to Arlington on November 3 and 4th for an eye workshop. She is a wealth of knowledge, a great teacher and she does eye work!! here is the link: don’t miss such a resource coming to our region! https://www.eventbrite..com/e/ellen-solaway-tickets-50575426462″

Attendance is usually limited to 20-24 people.
Ellen seldom allows more than 12 Feldenkrais tables to be active during FI practice.


Description of Ellen Soloway’s Advanced Training Nov 3, 4, 2018″

“Seeing and Perceiving Beyond your Expectations”

“The human nervous system is the least rigid of all structures.  It grows and forms itself while we undergo experience.  It is more affected by personal experience than the nervous system of any other animal.  Personal experience is the key to our “greatness” and to our misery.” 

– Moshe Feldenkrais, The Potent Self  page 103

Eyesight depends on more than just measurable acuity.  It is more than the test results from an optometrist’s office.  The ability to see or discern your environment is intricately connected to your movement patterns, your emotions, habits, and life history.  The process of developing visual skills begins at birth and becomes intertwined with the formation of other developmental movement skills.  Growing up with impaired eyesight, adjusting to a sudden loss of vision, or accommodating to a gradual vision loss are all life-challenging events. 

This advanced training is an introduction to the complex world of vision, perception, movement, and learning. The fundamental aim of the workshop is to improve the ability of the nervous system and brain to perceive the world.

  • Learn basic principles of vision and visual health by exploring Awareness Through Movement® lessons from the Alexander Yanai collection. 
  • These ATM® lessons will help you understand how to integrate eyes and vision into your Functional Integration® lessons.  
  • You will become proficient at including patterns of eye movements in an FI® lesson.  
  • Know how to plan ATM® and FI® lessons that consider a person’s eye movement patterns as part of the structure of the lesson. 
  • Sense how the mobility of your eyes affects the suppleness of your entire system. 
  • Investigate options within the Feldenkrais Method® that can alter habituated visual habits. 
  • Learn how your self-image changes when it is easier to move your eyes. 

Ellen Soloway graduated from the Amherst Feldenkrais Training in 1983.  She is an Assistant Trainer and has worked at training programs around the world.  Ellen has a vital practice in New Orleans and regularly teaches mentoring classes in Atlanta, San Antonio, and Chicago. 

Attending Amherst and experiencing Dr. Feldenkrais’s thinking first-hand only whetted her appetite for more information on the subject.  Ellen developed an overview of functionally-based thinking and its relationship to learning when she typed and edited the first drafts of the San Francisco Feldenkrais training program, Years one and three.  Ellen assimilated another buffet of information while editing the Alexander Yanai volumes.  Indulging her desire for a “cohesive” Feldenkrais review, Ellen graduated Mia Segal’s basic training as well as her supervisor’s course between 1999-2004.  Ellen will be an assistant trainer at Jeff Haller’s new, innovative Feldenkrais training program starting in October 2018. 

These combined experiences give Ellen a unique broad-based point of view for the development of her teaching skills, interests, and curriculums.  When mentoring, she helps practitioners develop their theoretical understanding as well as their technical skills.  Growing up with a partially deaf and blind Mother developed her interest in finding Feldenkrais-based solutions to sight and hearing impairments.  She works with adults & children using neurological developmental processes as a basic part of her functional integration lessons.


Testimonials for Ellen Soloway:

#1 “If Moshe’s teaching makes the impossible feasible, Ellen’s teachings makes it understandable.”   – Cristina Salgado

 #2. “Whether Ellen is teaching ATM®, FI®, or Mentoring she manages to break information into small concise groupings that are easy to follow and simple to learn from. “ – Gika Rector

#3 “Usually I have many questions after experiencing a FI®, observing a FI®, or giving an FI® to my clients.  Ellen knows how to answer these questions as she weaves her teaching style into everything that is relevant.  She is very clear and direct in her presentation in our mentoring program.  I know that I am a better practitioner because of Ellen’s mentoring.” Barbara Hartmann

 #4 “Ellen placed her hands on my pelvis and suddenly the entire architecture of the hip became apparent.” – Jean Gottleib

#5  “As Ellen’s hands illuminate the pathways of the body, her words explain what she is feeling, knowing, and doing. Rarely will you be so generously invited into a master practitioner’s thought process while working.  Through her words Ellen connects you to the mastery of her predecessors, her teachers. What you learn from Ellen will transform your work.” – Annie Gottleib


Questions about Ellen Soloway? Contact Eastern Region, Feldenkrais Guild of North America

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Location: Holiday Inn National Airport/Crystal City 
2650 Jefferson Davis Highway 
Arlington, VA 22202

Organizer Eastern Region, Feldenkrais Guild of North America

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