Another variation for Ellen’s on-line mentor class

Another variation for the on-line mentor class:

Several members are not able to bring clients to the class.  Others actually prefer to observe rather than have active live coaching.  I imagine a few of the observers might want a more active role in their learning.  AS a result I decided to offer an alternative to active live coaching. If this variation is not workable when we actually try using it — we can discard it.

Here is the outline of an additional way to participate:

1.  Choose a video tape from a session you attended.  

2.  Make a list of questions, observations, alternative ways to adapt the lesson, etc.

3.  The group will watch the video together via the Zoom screen share feature. 

4.  The designated “practitioner for the evening” gets to ask questions first

5.  “The peanut gallery of observers” can ask their questions about the video of the evening whenever it seems appropriate.

Please let Katarina and myself know if this variation is of interest and if you want to try using it.

About continuing to take the class:

Please tell both Katarina and myself if you want to continue this class. Other people are waiting to join and we do not know if there are openings available.

Thank you for attending and wanting to learn.

All the best,



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