**Embodied Kabbalah – Prayer in times of trouble, starting Tuesday, October 24th.**

**Embodied Kabbalah – Prayer in times of trouble, Online course starting Tuesday, October 24th.**

Dana Ganihar and Baruch Brenner ~ new course starting tomorrow
Tuesday, October 24 to December 12, 2023, for 8 consecutive sessions
12:30 pm ET (New York) / 9:30 am PT (75 min)

Here is a link to invite others or if you have yet to sign up.

Quoting Dana and Baruch:
“We are experiencing a time that extends far beyond words… As things tremble, we seek out a consciousness that is capable of containing the whole of this, and then acting from it. Following the situation we are in, we believe it is fitting to dedicate our upcoming course to prayer during times of pain and trouble. 

This frail state is indeed dark, but if we are awake to it and ready to create our life from a new source – it can contain within it an emergence of new life possibilities.”

Prayer In Times of Trouble – Embodied Kabbalah Online course – starts October 24th.

For more information:

“This is a time for a unique kind of prayer that can change our perception and transform life.” 

Warm regards
Dana and Baruch

Below are YouTube links with Dana and Baruch at Help for Helpers – if you know someone interested, these may offer a good introduction.

Help for Helpers excerpt TAE and the Art of Living with Dana and Baruch May 22, 2023

Help for Helpers; Focusing and the Field of Prayer with Dana Ganihar and Baruch Brenner June 13, 2022

Help for Helpers; The Field of Prayer with Dana Ganihar and Baruch Brener (part II) October 24, 2022

With devotion to a better world,
Katarina*  1 604 263 9123 (Vancouver BC Canada)
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