“The problem is that much of what we have learned is harmful to our system because it was learned in childhood, when immediate dependence on others distorted our real needs. Long-standing habitual action feels right. Training a body to be perfect in all the possible forms and configurations of its members changes not only the strength and flexibility of the skeleton and muscles, but makes a profound and beneficial change in the self-image and quality of the direction of the self.”
― Moshé Feldenkrais

Feldenkrais YouTube clips and notes! 2019 informal study page

6 Best Books by Moshé Feldenkrais

Jane Brody 2017 in the New York Times
an overview of the Feldenkrais Method
and its applications for chronic pain.

 The Feldenkrais Method and pain relief, an interview

Stacy Barrows, GCFP, In Spondylitis Plus Magazine

Sandra Bradshaw, GCFP, and Susinn Shaler, GCFP,

video: “Myth Buster on Core Strength!”


Lori Malkoff, MD, GCFP

a series of short YouTube videos about back pain and sciatica relief.

Watch them here.

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