How much sleep do you need?

(with appreciation to Doug Bolston, adapted by Katarina)

“Human beings are the only animal species that deliberately deprive themselves of sleep.”

One thing science knows for sure is that the less sleep you get each night,the less cognitively aware you are the next day, the day after, and every day after that

People think that sleep is like the bank. That you can accumulate a debt and then hope to pay it off at a later point in time. The brain has no capacity to get back all that it has lost.

You don’t know you are sleep deprived when you are sleep deprived,.That’s why so many people fool themselves into thinking thatthey are one of those people who can get away with six hours of sleep or less.

There’s no way you can effectively train yourself to need less sleep. You may get used to feeling tired all the time, but that does not mean you can suppress that tiredness and perform as well on cognitive tests as you would if you received eight hours.

One sleepless night is the cognitive equivalent of being legally drunk

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