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Katarina Halm

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“Weʼve all been given advice to “sleep on it” hoping for clarity and direction the next morning. Now you can learn to “focus on it”. Using Gendlinʼs experiential process, Katarina Halm demonstrates how “Focusing and Dreams” can shift our awareness to a more receptive state of intuitive guidance. Dream focusing is a free-flowing, open, gentle and accepting approach to exploring all the possibilities associated with our creative work, problem-solving, decision-making and interpersonal
skills. As a student in Katarinaʼs class I have enjoyed learning how to cultivate the nuances of my dreams.”

Diane KindreeWest Vancouver, BC, Canada

” Thanks again for putting together this wonderful group, as well as for taking care of us in such an empathic way! I have also enjoyed very much having a companion during the week. All of them have been great.”

Vicenç Rul.lanFocusing Oriented Psychologist, Palma (Mallorca, Spain)

” I really have appreciated the class. It’s opened up a new way to do focusing for me and my focusing partner, Anne. I have appreciated getting to do dream focusing with so many interesting and capable persons and it has given me a deeper understanding of some of my dreams. I especially appreciated your guidance in the conference calls. I loved having pictures of the participants and I felt there was a presence in reflecting back what others had said which really enhanced the communication.”

Patrice Jacob Camas, Washington State Clinical psychology PhD program at Pacifica Graduate Institute

“Katarina is a compassionate guide, giving space-full listening and interesting feedback connected to relevant articles. Her welcoming attitude embraces all members of the group and enhances working with dreams. Looking at dreams in this attitude enables them to become more and more meaningful, developing an insightful connection to real life.”

Barbara Rolsma Focusing trainer, The Netherlands

“Dreams can be an amazing resource in our lives, and are well worth learning about. In addition, Gendlin’s writing on dreams is an excellent bridge into the Philosophy of the Implicit; and Katarina is a excellent teacher, who approaches her subject with wonderful energy, sensitivity, and intelligence.”

Rob ParkerFocusing Oriented Therapist, Author, leader of seminars on Gendlin’s major work: A Process Model

“I am delighted that Katarina and her Focusing colleagues are supporting the experiential Gendlin/Ullman dream group process.”

the late Janet Phunder