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Nancy Rogers

Celebrating Nancy - Training and Proficiency

Nancy Rogers received the Proficiency in Focusing Partnership Award from The Focusing Institute in September, 2014. Her preparation and portfolio is extensive and includes the following training elements.

Training in Inner Relationship Focusing with Ann Weiser Cornell:

Nancy completed Levels 1-4 with Ann Weiser Cornell by teleconference, attended a Treasure Maps to the Soul Retreat with Ann & Barbara McGavin, and continues with two weekly Focusing partnerships.

Teaching and Assisting in Inner Relationship Focusing Classes:

Nancy taught a Level One Focusing class, completed Level Five Focusing guiding a person new to Focusing in a class setting, and gave 30 guided sessions to people new to Focusing. Many of these sessions included Katarina Halm and fellow classmates as observers documenting the process. All were touched by Nancy’s warm presence, her superb listening and guiding.

During 2014, Nancy served as a teaching assistant in Inner Relationship Focusing (IRF) classes taught by Katarina Halm and Jael Emberley via teleconference, including a seven week Level Three Focusing Practicum. Nancy’s contributions were timely and valuable for each student; we appreciated her presence, knowledge and skill with all levels of Focusing. Nancy continued to offer Focusing practice and support to students from our Levels classes.

Nancy’s Focusing projects included the following:

  • Weekly Focusing sessions and supervision with Katarina Halm.
  • Advanced Focusing Classes and Listening Circles.
  • Focusing Teacher Training Modules 1-3.
  • Focusing and Dreams: Gendlin Ullman Dream Appreciation Group Process
  • Focusing Practicum and Certification Focusing Project – Focusing with Dreams, Patterns and Symbols
  • Informal Gatherings of Inner Relationship Focusing Teachers and Teachers in Training: 1.25 hour teleconferences
  • Resonant Sensing for Peace meetings with Focusing teachers Bruce Nayowith and Simon d’Orsogna.’
  • Individual and group sessions with Christel Kraft (EFFE) Energy Flow Focusing Explorations.
Community Work

Nancy has been working with groups in Nova Scotia on the South Shore helping women who have experienced domestic violence. In Spring of 2014, Nancy gave a presentation to the Justice Department in Bridgewater, N.S, outlining ways to provide more support for women in traumatic situations. Nancy continues to promote programmes and develop communications within the Justice department and elsewhere. In her work with “The Survivors Advocate Group” and the “BE the Peace” project, Nancy offers support and insights. She volunteers at the 2nd Story Women’s Centers located in Lunenburg. Nova Scotia. During September 2015 Nancy is offering Focusing as part of an Outward Bound programme in Nova Scotia for women survivors of abuse.

Artist at the Halifax Nova Scotia Farmers Market

Nancy Rogers

Artist at the Halifax Nova Scotia Farmers Market

Testimonials for Nancy Rogers

Nancy is such a warm, positive person. It has been a pleasure working with her. I have said this before – that she makes me feel safe and on solid ground – because I didn’t realize how important it would be for me.  The way that Nancy made it clear that the part that was not ready to be probed needed to be respected settled my gut amazingly quickly. She has always been very clear that these are my sessions, and that she is there as a companion to help facilitate my relationship with myself, not force one. She has a very light touch.


Nancy is soothing,  supportive and excellent at creating a safe environment.


Nancy did a nice job setting the context for the focusing. It felt like the right amount of introduction to help me ease into the process. Her way of reflecting back what I was saying was reassuring and felt validating. She seemed to allow just the right amount of space and the right amount of commentary. It was a wonderful session. It’s amazing how focusing really takes you into the present with your body and sensations. It almost felt like an out of body experience. As I described some different sensations, they seemed to lessen in intensity. It felt comforting. Nancy asked some really good questions during the session that prompted some deeper thought. One question was something like – Is there a feeling associated with the sensation? Nancy helped me figure out how to best position my body. She gave me some good options for me to experiment with.


Nancy offered: Patience to listen to what I had to say; good listening and skillful in presenting my issue back to me;  compassionate presence; I felt heard and held; she was reflective and presented me with helpful insights. Nancy guided me back very skillfully when I let go of my felt sense abruptly, gave me an opportunity to acknowledge it. I do not feel overwhelmed as I felt before the session today (because of my travel schedule, extended family issues etc). I am curious and at ease and there’s a kind of knowing that I will be able to cross the bridge when I come to one.


To follow up on this incredibly interesting focusing work you are doing: first, let me start by saying a big thank you. I appreciate the time you took at the beginning to answer my questions and to share your story of how you came about wanting to do this. You put me at ease and I felt relaxed enough to trust in the process.