Testimonials for FI Mentoring with Ellen Soloway


Testimonials for FI Mentoring with Ellen Soloway 


Ellen’s FI mentoring brings such additional depth and understanding to one’s practice whether you are a novice or an experienced practitioner.  I have watched her hone the skills and explain the nuances of a particular touch to experienced practitioners; and has made me feel as if I can be successful in my endeavors in beginning my journey in FI. Most sessions end with the practitioners exclaiming:  “That was amazing, Ellen.  Thank you.”

— Jacquelyn Herzig,  Feldenkrais® Practitioner, Beverly Hills, California, USA 


Mentoring with Ellen Soloway has helped my Feldenkrais® practice immeasurably. Ellen has a superb ability to watch me doing FI and see the most subtle ways that it can be enhanced with a small direction. I feel and see far more successful results in my FI sessions. Ellen maintains a high standard of being true to the Feldenkrais method. I appreciate her commitment to helping her students get results and stick to Moshe’s principles. The real gold in Ellen’s teachings and mentoring is the vast amount of knowledge she has gained from studying with many senior Feldenkrais practitioners. I appreciate this incredible opportunity to round out my Feldenkrais training and experience with the finesse of Ellen’s teaching.

— Susinn Shaler
GCFP, Feldenkrais® Practitioner; ABM-Neuromovement Practitioner, Kelowna, BC, Canada


I find Ellen’s way of working is very down to earth and accessible for me. I appreciate her extensive knowledge and pragmatic ways of imparting that to us.

I can see her in my mind’s eye, I can see the moves she has guided the practitioner in working with the client, and I can remember the moves when I need it in the middle of an FI when I am back on my own. It is true that I am still myself in the lessons that I am giving, but I am more than I usually am when participating in a lesson. I feel that I have Ellen on my shoulder reminding me that I can hold in a better way, and transfer the line of movement more clearly.

— Lynne Bedbrook, Feldenkrais® Practitioner, Wakefield, Quebec, Canada, Graduated with Yvan Joly, Carl Ginsberg, Montreal, 1996, www.lynnebedbrook.com


Ellen’s instructions on how to use our body as a practitioner are helpful. I can imagine times when I might become stuck and mistreat myself throughout my day of giving FI lessons. It is great to observe Ellen tutoring and see alternatives which I can apply to my own self-organization!

Also, when I am teaching ATM, Ellen’s instructions come to my aid. For example I noticed that my students were bending their elbows and using their arms instead of making a clear connection through their torso and entire self. My use of Ellen’s instructions brought these students more integration, ease and joy of discovery during the rest of the lesson.

I look forward to developing these observations from Ellen’s tutoring into my FI practice and ATM teaching.

— Susan Conant
Las Cruces, New Mexico


Ellen’s knowledge and eye for detail are remarkable. Her tutoring is delicate and precise. Mentoring with Ellen contributes greatly to my ATM teaching and giving FI lessons. One of Ellen’s most significant contributions to my learning is her modelling of kindness. Ellen demonstrates the importance of being kind and considerate of anyone engaged in a learning process: students, observers, and practitioners in the Feldenkrais® community. 

— Katarina Halm,  Feldenkrais® Practitioner Vancouver, BC, Canada, Graduated with Jeff Haller, Jerry Karzen, 2007, www.thinkinginmovement.ca


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