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The studio can accept donations/heart offerings via either Paypal or Stripe (major credit cards) ~ the links on this page let you reach the two platforms.

Much appreciation also for work-study, help with simple tasks.

Your contributions are encouraging, helpful, timely.

Feldenkrais® Inclusion Initiative 2023

Any contributions may be designated for the
Feldenkrais® Inclusion Initiative:

~ please add a note ‘for the Inclusion project’
when you give through the contributions links on this page.

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3 replies
  1. barbara kronsteiner
    barbara kronsteiner says:

    Dear Katarina,

    this is the day of anniversaries, recognitions, big plans and – needless to say – of mutual supports, whatever and wherever we can. Having done already so on my part to express my sharing in so much more than is done by such modest contributions – to all that is done on, before, behind, aside the stage, before, during and after opening the floor – all that aside the spotlight !*
    I hope the spirit of our work will spread widely, finally to support all our foremost intentions. Thank you once more for the motivation you give us all.

    • Only to mention a few: Thinking-in-movement, the archive, the library, opening free access to all practitioners, daily, weekly updates, rich documentations, traces of ourselves practitioner’s activities, and beyond all social media in personal closeness, as close as an email can be.

    Written in Vienna, on June 1st, 2020
    Barbara Kronsteiner

  2. Alfo
    Alfo says:

    When I read Barbara I did want to say thanks, for this time-space hearted place of learning. Special things come only from special places.




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