“When moving as nature intended – harmoniously coordinated and intelligently coping with gravity – we not only
strengthen our bones, we also embody a sense of dignity, confidence & joy that I call biological optimism.” – Ruthy Alon

All about rhythm and movement. At 12:20 is a wonderful segment about “the Water Carriers Walk.”

“Bones are stronger than steel”
The Body Exhibition
Ruthy Alon New York 2007

Ruthy Alon
Founder of Movement Intelligence

Notes from Katarina Halm

Katarina Halm – Movement Intelligence & Focusing

We offer a certification track for those who wish to become certified in any or all of the five modalities of the Movement Intelligence Programme as developed by Feldenkrais® teacher Ruthy Alon: Bones for Life®, Chairs, Walk for Life, Mindful Eating, and Solutions for Optimal Mobility. Please see Ruthy’s site for a beautiful, informative description.

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  1. heather a dennis
    heather a dennis says:

    Hi…I am interested in joining your Bones For Life program. I’ve done most of Level One years ago. I am not so interested in becoming certified but would like to study the work. Could I still join your Level 1 which started this month?
    Heather Dennis

  2. happybones
    happybones says:

    “Musings for Movement” by Lisa Feldman Barrett
    * https://thinkinginmovement.ca/lisa-feldman-barrett/

    Doug Bolston provides a brief conceptual overview of the 25-minute PBS interview . . . with additional notes on “Brain Seeding.” https://thinkinginmovement.ca/lisa-feldman-barrett/?swcfpc=1#toggle-id-1

    * Concluding thoughts: “Brain Seeding.” https://thinkinginmovement.ca/lisa-feldman-barrett/?swcfpc=1#toggle-id-2

    * For further reference, you might consider Lisa Feldman Barrett’s books, including: https://thinkinginmovement.ca/lisa-feldman-barrett/?swcfpc=1#toggle-id-3


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Based on Feldenkrais® principles, Bones for Life® (BFL®) lessons support physical and emotional regulation and mental resilience. BFL lessons include the practice of ‘axis’ and ‘wave’. The ‘axis’ ensures a safe trajectory of physical force moving through the body, strengthening and aligning the body’s structure. The ‘wave’ involves the body’s flexible, spiral movement, enabling turning, reaching, and bending. You are guided to become more aware of your position in space, thus improving cognition and adaption to change. The BFL® Wrap is a unique feature of the program, providing modulated compression at various joints. ‘Biological optimism’ and ‘Neurological diplomacy’ are some of the program’s key terms.  BFL processes are designed to foster a more graceful movement within your comfort and safety.


Programme Directors
Katarina Halm  & Marie-Paule Wiley & Kim Reda-Wilson 

Teachers in Training
Yeşim Alıç ~ Luis Enrique Flores ~ Alfo Humano ~ Minal Shah

Enjoy classes ~ Option to continue towards certification.
* We look forward to seeing current students and those interested in continuing their BFL journey

More about BFL®

[email protected]
Telephone: 1-604-263-9123 Vancouver BC, Canada

Bones for Life® at Thinking in Movement Studio – Movement Intelligence [MI] Certification Training Hours (sample update 2022)

Certification:  The first step program provides up to 90 hours toward the 210 hours to complete BFL teacher training with Katarina.

Information page ~ Bones for Life® Teacher Training – Thinking in Movement Studio

A ready-made wrap: fabric for wraps ~ Notes from July 3, 2020

’Biological Optimism’ — BONES FOR LIFE® DAILY PRACTICE Katarina Halm

The Movement Intelligence Programs Bones for Life®, Walk for Life, Chairs, Mindful Eating, and Solutions are the intellectual property of Ruthy Alon, Ph.D. Bones for Life® is a registered mark of Ruthy Alon, Ph.D
Feldenkrais® is a service mark, trademark, and certification mark of the Feldenkrais Guild® of North America (FGNA) in the USA

The Movement Intelligence of
Bone Strength and Weight-Bearing Posture
Based on Dr. Feldenkrais’ approach to somatic learning

Develop harmonious coordination; Empower lively & dynamic gait; Train in bone building walking in rhythm; Reach Quality of natural fitness at any age; Restore resourcefulness of equilibrium & stability
Align posture in the body language of self confidence

The movement answer to the functional failure of osteoporosis

  • Your bones are as reliable as your posture is able to sustain your body weight in an efficient alignment.
  • Your bones are as strong as your activity is dynamic and able to cope with challenges that demand strength.
  • Your bones are as healthy as Nature meant, if your movements are natural and all your body parts are harmoniously coordinated.

Through the simple, effective movement processes of the sixty-hour Bones For Life® program, you will learn gradually and safely how to:

  • Stimulate your bone strength and experience the biological optimism of a reliable skeleton
  • Coordinate a springy and dynamic walk
  • Align your posture into safe weight-bearing uprightness
  • Develop your skill of restoring equilibrium
  • Enhance the pleasure of moving

Page Credits

Much of the information on this page is taken directly from Ruthy Alon’s beautiful site here. Movement Intelligence, Bones for Life®, Walk for Life, Chairs, Mindful Eating, Solutions for Optimal Mobility are terms used by her and we at the Studio consider them Trademarked and proprietary. We use them with gratitude.