”Part of my style is watching practitioners attempt to do FI “moves” based on their current understanding of a lesson. Then, I give verbal cues until the practitioner’s technique and understanding improves.  An “aha” moment becomes apparent to the person on the table, to the practitioner, and to observers. A practitioner’s handling skills and understanding improve in an organic way and this is better than watching and imitating a demonstration. The benefit of this style of coaching is that learned skills are transferable to other situations.   

”I like to help people transfer the AY ATM lessons into FI lessons — either by technique coaching or by applying basic principles of the method.”

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Katarina Halm, M.A., GCFP, CFT Email: studio@thinkinginmovement.ca Telephone: 604-263-9123 (in Canada). Feldenkrais® Method of Somatic Education; Canadian Co-Rep and Co-Secretary-Treasurer (2012-2017). ~ Level 3 Instructor Canadian Taijiquan Federation.Pregnant Pauses® ~ Sounder Sleep System™ ~ Yamuna Body Rolling® ~ 
Movement Intelligence (MI) Trainer: certification training in the five MI branches:
(1) Bones for Life® (2) Chairs (3) Walk for Life (4) Mindful Eating (5) Solutions for Optimum Mobility.~ 
Focusing & Meditative Listening & Dream Appreciation: basic studies / teacher certification (in collaboration with a certifying coordinator)

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