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Josef DellaGrotte, Ph.D., CFP-trainer
Masterful Moves Course Feb 6 to Mar 13, 2023

Six Mondays, 8:30 am to 10 am Pacific time
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Course Title: Masterful Moves for Neurosomatic Integration

Subtitle: The Movement Improvement Multiplier Method

using the Five Rings Approach for Neuro-Somatic Reprogramming*

Insights from zebras, economics, and the present moment

Description: Five rings approach Multiplying the Benefits.

* The brain and central nervous system are now known to map and program new learning much quicker when movement awareness, hands-on sensory feedback, and feeling states are simultaneously connected.

The key is in the kind of lesson/exercises that connect directly to both the ‘necessary’ and ‘desired’ movements of one’s life.

Goals: augment personal and professional practice skills and returns.
Getting more personal – and client – benefits in terms of health, wellness, and far fewer problems.
“Just as with 26 letters of the alphabet you can create a ‘universe’ of writing, so with six primary pathways you can quickly analyze a ‘client’ and see which movement pathways have been compromised and can be improved”-Paul Davidovits, paraphrased by JD
Professional option goal: be recognized and certified
(thru CMITI, LLC ) in this Competency
Tuition fee: $180 total prior to Jan 31, 2023, $210 thereafter
Six weeks Masterful Moves Course Feb 6 to Mar 13, 2023
(included in the fees is $30 for the Video and notes from Nov-Dec, 2022 introductory course for concurrent study)

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Moshé Feldenkrais encouraged his students to create programs inspired by his teaching.  Bones for Life® and Sounder Sleep System® are based on Feldenkrais principles.

At Thinking in Movement Studio, we are dedicated to The Feldenkrais Method and related modalities. 

* Information page: Bones for Life®
* Information page:  Feldenkrais®