”Part of my style is watching people attempt to do FI “moves”. Then I give lots of verbal cues that the practitioner follows until their technique improves. The “aha” moment is apparent to the person on the table, to the practitioner, and to observers. The benefit of this style is that the skills are transferable to other situations. Handling skills improve in an organic way and better than watching and imitating me after a demonstration.”   

”I like to help people transfer the AY ATM lessons into FI lessons — either by technique coaching or by applying basic principles of the method.”

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Katarina Halm, M.A., GCFP, CFT Email: studio@thinkinginmovement.ca Telephone: 604-263-9123 (in Canada). Feldenkrais® Method of Somatic Education; Canadian Co-Rep and Co-Secretary-Treasurer (2012-2017). ~ Level 3 Instructor Canadian Taijiquan Federation.Pregnant Pauses® ~ Sounder Sleep System™ ~ Yamuna Body Rolling® ~ 
Movement Intelligence (MI) Trainer: certification training in the five MI branches:
(1) Bones for Life® (2) Chairs (3) Walk for Life (4) Mindful Eating (5) Solutions for Optimum Mobility.~ 
Focusing & Meditative Listening & Dream Appreciation: basic studies / teacher certification (in collaboration with a certifying coordinator)

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