Are you determined to resolve what’s in the way of your own growth and the life you know is possible?

You CAN be the one in charge of your change process… and your change process can build on your strengths, help you be stronger, calmer, more able to deal with your life.

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Does this sound like you?

You feel blocked in moving forward with your life…
You feel you are sometimes your own worst enemy…
You struggle with decisions because you don’t know what YOU want…
Your past holds you back but trying to just “let go” isn’t working…

… and it feels like you’ve been searching forever for something that really works to bring change to your life.

Are you tired of paying for workshops or people to help you change, yet not feeling that YOU are in charge of the process? Are you determined to find a way to heal the hurts of the past that leaves you stronger instead of pathologizing you?

(And if you’re a healing professional helping others, are you tired of methods that don’t work to give your clients the results you know are possible?)

Click here to find out if you share some of these common disappointments when trying to find a change process that works. (You won’t be taken to a new page, you’ll just see more words on this one.)

After trying all those things you’re still feeling that uneasy gap between how your life is right now and what you know is your potential. You’re still feeling plagued by inner critics nagging you to do more, or indulge less… You know that more is possible for you, to live the life you were born to live, to be as big as the world needs you to be. But how to get there?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a process for change that really works, that YOU can learn, that YOU can have with you every day of your life, for yourself, for family and friends? You can.

A program for change needs five components to be truly effective.

It needs to be experiential and include lots of practice so you can feel the practical results immediately in your own life.
It needs to be respectful of your strengths and aimed at growing your core ability to be calm, strong, and compassionate toward yourself.
It needs to be body-based and here-and-now oriented, so you are grounded in reality and every stage is “checkable” with your actual experience.
It needs to be accessible and affordable with no huge travel costs or big time commitments.
And above all, it needs to be effective, to really work.

Inner Relationship Focusing is a powerful and natural process for positive life change.

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