A page for our notes on Resonant Sensing for Peace.  Here are introductory notes from Bruce:

Resonant Sensing for Planetary Processing by Bruce Nayowith July 2015

Overview of the Actual Process(what it looks like):

Invoking, and preparing to enter, the field:

Process IntenIon – what this is all about, and why this way (next two pages explain this)
Sharing the intenIons we are bringing as we prepare to enter this shared space

AKunement – to self, the space, others, and larger fields
Offering the invitaIon to connect with the Earth and what is wanIng our aKenIon

Within the field …..

Open spaciousness…

Sharing what comes as we sense “inward” and “outward”.

What comes may be about something larger, or it may be something felt personally. O>en the personal is connected with the larger field.

Some pausing and spaciousness aTer something is shared


Welcoming and acknowledging what comes into the group space Being heard
Allowing each sharing to echo and resonate within the circle.


Resonant Sensing for Planetary Processing by Bruce Nayowith July 2015

Some pausing and spaciousness before, and aTer, each reflecIon.

Resonant responses and other sharings

What comes/resonates for you:
-in relaEonship to others’ sharings -something different that comes for you

[occasional guiding suggesIons, such as “you might want to see if it feels ok to say ‘hello’ to that”
Or “you may wish to check if there is something that it is wanIng you/us to know about what it is like for it..”]

Closing the circle

Blessing what came, and what will conInue

Check out

Circle sharing: “What medicine did I receive from this process?” (from HeartIQ)

Where did this come from?

This process works with the following:

-“What happens when we gather together to connect with our Earth as we can with other non-verbal senIent beings?”


Resonant Sensing for Planetary Processing by Bruce Nayowith July 2015

-TrusIng that, in the connected warm spaciousness, the Earth may find her own right next steps forward…

Threads that inspired this process:

1) Quaker Worship Sharing/Silent MeeIng.
Gathering together, sidng in silence, sharing as the spirit moves. Not discussing, but being moved and led by what comes inside, and by what others share…

2) AKuning and entraining
As one does with animals and babies and other non-verbal senIent beings – sensing into what is needed, connecIng with, aKenIonal embracing….. (WinnicoK’s work with holding spaces and mirroring)

3) Client-Centered Therapy.
Carl Rogers’ work… being present and empathic to another, helps that person find THEIR OWN right next steps
Focusing (Eugene Gendlin’s work, a peer-based deep listening prac- Ice) involves sharing interhuman aKenIon, sensing deeply to what is moving, in a felt way, inside of ourselves.

4) Other threads that people bring (ConstellaIons, etc)


Resonant Sensing for Planetary Processing by Bruce Nayowith July 2015


Our offering aKenIon and care in this manner is like one ‘hand’ of Life energies reaching out (through us) towards another ‘hand’ (the planet)

Three of the forms that our welcoming, caring, aKuned aKenIon may take in service to what we are listening to:

1) Making Contact –
You feel it, and it feels you there with it…
Micro-moments of connecIon, of feeling felt. These are highly nourishing, and generate a sense of being loved. (Love 2.0) “Love is me, feeling you, feeling me” (ChrisIan Pankhurst and HeartIQ)

2) Helping hold what comes; being with its feelings-
Being with what comes, helping be with it while it is feeling

what it is feeling. Lending your capacity for arIculaIon and expres- sion for something that wants to be known, shared…

3) Feeling moved to take some acIon as a result of what comes…

Each of these has its own beauty and rightness.

The first two can be considered to be forms of an “aKenIonal em- brace”.
The third involves acIng in service of what comes…

Resonant Sensing for Planetary Processing by Bruce Nayowith July 2015