contributions to restoring
ease and function for those with
pervasive breathing pattern disorders
& breathing as support for Taiji practice!

Jeff Haller Breathing Lessons on FeldyNotebook

29 AY lessons listed by J.C, Hannon in Chapter 8.3 Feldenkrais® and breathing, page 259 in the New edition: Recognizing and Treating Breathing Disorders, 2nd Edition, A Multidisciplinary Approach



Information about the book Recognizing and Treating Breathing Disorders: A Multidisciplinary Approach
Authors: Leon Chaitow, Christopher Gilbert, Dinah Bradley

The Alexander Yanai lessons

Numerical List of all Alexander Yanai Lessons

Numerical List of all Alexander Yanai Lessons

Purchase the AY Lessons: Notes from Richard Ehrman, Treasurer IFF Distribution Centre

The Alexander Yanai lessons are copyrighted by the International Feldenkrais

Federation. You can purchase a copy by going here:


Perhaps someday you can pay at that website and be able to download the

lesson, but given the current resources and need to use them to produce more

materials, that’s not currently possible.

It would be wonderful if these materials were available to all at no cost

but the translation, editing, production and royalties do cost money and

copying them undercuts the communities ability to produce them. Given how

much we value the product of Moshe’s genius and how important to the

personal development of most practitioners these lessons are, I don’t think

its too much to ask people to pay the rather inexpensive costs of the

material. The truth is that if copyrights are not respected, we won’t be

able to release any more material.



Richard Ehrman

IFF Distribution Center


posted on feldyforum April 20, 2005

Alexander Yanai Errata & Additional Resources

Additional Notes from Richard Ehrman on Alexander Yanai Errata posted on feldyforum April 22, 2007

 The IFF DC will check this information and correct subsequent editions. —

suggested submitting this sort of information to the Distribution Centre

office which we would appreciate.

However we’ve also set up a site to

collect such information for the community to access and discuss.

The IFF Academy has set up a discussion area on the IFF website to post such

corrections under a thread called AY Errata. There are other threads for

discussion of educational materials as well. You need to register for the

site to post on the forums (though you can look without registering) and

access all the wonderful resources there. I’ve posted Yoni’s posting (as

well as an earlier correction by him.)

AY Errata

We will explore ‘mistakes’ or things we think need correction in the AY


AY Titles – Suggestions for improvements

In this thread we’ll cite lesson titles that don’t reveal elements of the

lesson that might be useful to know when searching titles. We can also

discuss titling in general and what conventions might promote easier use of

the materials.

What the !#@$? Does That Mean?

Have you come across an instruction you don’t understand? You’ve tried 5

ways to do it and its still not clear. Bring it here and we’ll discuss and


AY Index

An Index to make finding AY lessons easier has been requested/suggested. How

would we go about assembling one? What are the ways to index the lessons? We

can discuss here and perhaps move to create one.

Materials Publishing Discussions

Amherst – FIs for publication?

What FI’s from Amherst have you seen in training programs or rentals that

you think are worthy of publishing and being made available in DVD format?

Please be specific about any identifying information (date, names) and why

you think the FI would be good for practitioners’ learning.

ATM Revelations Forum

Have you ever had an experience while doing or related to an Awareness

Through Movement lesson that could only be described as a revelation? It

might be interesting to collect such stories as an oral history of the power

of these lessons. Please share yours here.

I hope the community begins to take advantage of these forums. Having

explicit conversations about the educational materials will enhance our

understanding and enrich our experience using them. Let me know if you have

any questions about using these forums.

Richard Ehrman

IFF Distribution Center

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