Lilia A. Petrie
Expressive Arts Therapist
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
tel. 604 612-0405

Lilia A. Petrie, Expressive Arts Therapist

Celebrating Lilia - Training and Proficiency

I have worked in mental health field since 1990, as an Art Therapist and in the last few years as Rehabilitation worker as well.  In my private practice I combine coaching, Art and Dance therapies and other expressive modalities, as well as mindfulness, energy work, spirituality and meditation whenever they are called for… to cope with and/or to overcome trauma, to empower people to find and be their true selves. 

 I am continuing my Qigong training with master Mintong Gu at Chi Centre. Focusing and Feldenkrais® studies and training with Katarina Halm to be a Mindful Eating Mentor are a big part of my life as well.  I have completed Levels One and Two Inner Relationship Focusing (IRF) facilitated by  Katarina Halm. Judy Bertling and Carol Hurst, followed by Levels Three and Four IRF Focusing with Ann Weiser Cornell, and participated in Modules 1-7 of the Whole Body Focusing series with Glenn Fleisch.

My passions are arts, traveling, friendships, nature, gardening, and various meditation, spiritual and body work approaches


Lilia Petrie: Mindful Eating

Lilia Petrie has been  with Thinking in Movement Studio since 2015. Her background includes art therapy; movement modalities;Focusing studies with Ann Weiser Cornell, Glenn Fleisch, Katarina Halm, Carol Hurst, Judy Bertling. Currently Lilia is training with Katarina to be a Mindful Eating Mentor.

Lilia’s Artwork

Dance of Hands by Lilia Petrie

Free in Movement by Lilia Petrie

Circle of Love by Lilia Petrie

Art in colour by Lilia Petrie

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