A ‘Sounder World’

Honouring Michael Krugman & the Sounder Sleep System

A project to honour and further the work of Michael Krugman
(January 16, 1951 –  December 24, 2016)

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Honouring Michael Krugman
and A Sounder World with Sounder Sleep System™

Beautiful tributes for Michael

Lucas Antonisse – Beautiful Tango Tribute for Michael
Lucas Antonisse.
I knew Michael, a very gentle man keenly enthusiastic
and dedicated to his unusual research and its results.

Here is a personal tribute from someone who
feels the loss deeply:

I know more now but have no wish to write about that here,
suffice to say that life can be very sad and very difficult.
Lucas Antonisse
December 29, 2016
Rest in Peace, mi querido Michael Krugman.


I had already been worried about a tango friend for a while, a formerly very active friend, who disappeared, and then resurfaced, promising us that everything would soon return to normal. I knew that lately, there, on an extremely distant island, things were not working out for him, that he couldn’t return to Buenos Aires as soon as he in fact wanted, and worse, that he had some health issues. Many of our mutual tango friends, and me, valued, admired Michael for the passionate, extremely dedicated way he worked on his superb tango translations, on lunfardo, and later, with a similar almost childlike enthousiasm, he presented us his Tango Time Machine, an extensive research in primary sources.

Michael was a special, eccentric person, someone with true character, full of dedication, full of initiative, and for me a true friend. Strangely enough, other than some of my most valued international tango friends, I never got to meet Michael in person (in a strange twist of fate, after his long stay this year, he left Buenos Aires the day I arrived), but especially this year, we communicated endlessly through text, and in one way or another, he supported me so much during my most recent stay in Argentina, this summer. We had so much in common, and from such distance, he helped me with not just my own archive work but I always felt there was someone who knew exactly what, in both good and bad times, en la buena y la mala, I was experiencing over there, in that bizarre, yet wonderful city, whose unrivaled nostalgic melancholy obsessed him like no one else. Buenos Aires seemed to be the love of his life, which was obvious from the way he wrote about the city and its milongas. He seemed especially happy to spend time in Los Consagrados, on Saturdays, in the Centro Región Leonesa, and with his typical enthousiasm, he even wrote extensively about this painting on my picture below, which in itself is typical for all the oddities and peculiarities he had attention for, and which made him stand out. When I took this photo, I thought of him, and whenever I return to that building, I will especially celebrate Michael’s legacy.

Michael was quite the character, and such a loving person, and it’s devastating for me personally, and thinking of all the work he did, for our international tango community, to have found out he has passed away a few days ago. Michael, I hope you magically resurface once again, telling me this is all untrue, but in any case, I am so grateful to have known you, you became, in one way or another, one of those shining stars, an enlightening, enriching brightness in a sometimes so grey, dreary, meaningless life. In such a relatively short time, you became meaningful in my life, and this beacon of light will live on inside my memories of you, your talent and your dedication. Qué en paz descanses, Michael. In whatever way I can, I swear that in my life I will carry the banner of your affection for tango and Buenos Aires, your dreams will not be in vain.


Michael wrote me months ago that he no longer wanted to live in Hawaii and was seriously considering Buenos Aires to dedicate himself to writing two tango books. He sent me a few chapters asking for my comments. At the last minute, he had to postpone his Dec 3 arrival in Buenos Aires for health reasons.

Our first tanda was Dec 23, 2015, in Lo de Celia. I discovered his blog Tango Time Machine where he mentioned his upcoming visit to Buenos Aires, so I asked him to contact me so we could meet. I knew after reading his blog that I wanted to meet him.



Celebrating Michael’s Work

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