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Links and notes for a bird’s eye view to classical and new studies and resources. Welcoming you to add your favourites and there might be a tab structure to develop the page soon to differentiate categories. 
Tiffany Sankary Feldenkrais Posts!

November 2017 NY Times article about how the Feldenkrais Method helps with chronic pain has inspired further resources!

“How do we change our relationship to pain?” In Tiffany Sankary’s most recent blog post Tiffany shares how a few of her colleagues “answer this question in very different ways in response to the NY Times article.”

Tiffany Sankary’s Movement & Creativity Library
“A multimedia library of 100+ Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons and resources to help you reduce pain and awaken creativity. It will be a way for me to see new people and support them to continue learning on their own. It will also be included in my next Exploring Ease Feldenkrais series which begins on February 1.

Jan Winhall, Greg Madison, Rob Parker, and more contributions to FOT

by Greg Madison (Editor),‎ Mary Hendricks Gendlin (Foreword),‎ Leslie Ellis (Contributor),‎ Kenichi Itoh (Contributor),‎ Susanne Vahrenkamp (Contributor),‎ 20 more
Felt Sense Experience Model described in Emerging Practice in FOT Chapter 12 integrates Attachment theory with Interpersonal Neurobiology and Trauma theory. You can see how Jan Winhall integrates attachment in the Focusing series Webinar that you can download on her website
NOTE  Endeavouring to download, have yet to see how to add for “Jan Winhall’s Webinar.” I sent a note to Jan so we may hear from her soon. Jan shared her Felt Sense Emotional Regulation chart for a project at Thinking in Movement Studio 2014, so we can refer this. 
Companion volume: 
Rob Foxcroft on Locana English study of ‘Mindful Student’:
The results of our Mindful Student Study, a Random Control Trial involving over 616 students was published today in The Lancet Public Health. If you are interested you can read the article here: 
Here are some key sentences:
‘Our findings suggest that the MSS course maintains wellbeing and engenders resilience to accumulation of stress during the academic year, notably during the summer examination period… about five of 30 students in each group being prevented from indicating distress scores during the examination period at a clinically significant level… This finding suggests that mindfulness is more effective than other preventive interventions. 
‘Distress in the MSS group was lower beyond the period of the mindfulness courses and into the examination period than at baseline, which is consistent with mindfulness building psychological resilience to academic distress… 
‘…mindfulness courses shortly before university examinations might improve performance.’
I look forward to hearing how focusing was part of the training in mindfulness.
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