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Katarina Halm

A Sounder World with Sounder Sleep System™

Light Easy Soft Slow:
L.E.S.S. is more
~ Michael Krugman

Three days
15 hours 

(15 CEC**)

$225 USD
Work-study scholarships

A Sounder World with Sounder Sleep System™ 15-hour workshops

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

June 13-16, Jul 11-14, Aug 8-11, Sep 12-15, Oct 10-13. Nov 14-17, Dec 12-15, 2023

7 am – 11 am Pacific
(3.45 hours each day for four days to total 15 hours )

* Restore breathing to its natural state: light, easy, slow, and soft.

* Easy gentle movements in the rhythm of your leisurely breath.

* Practice allowing your nervous system to rest and restore itself.

* Learn to work more productively and set the stage for the end of the day when Mini-Moves™ lull you into sleep.

* Short movement sequences tailored to your ever-changing metabolic needs to relax your body and calm your mind.


A Sounder World with Sounder Sleep System™  15-hour Workshops continuing every two months.

A Sounder World with Sounder Sleep System™: 18 Lessons inspired by The Insomnia Solution © 2005 Michael Krugman M.A, GCFP  / 

A Sounder World with Sounder Sleep System™ 15-hour workshops 

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†† 15-hour workshop May 15-18, 2023

†† 15-hour workshop July 17-20, 2023

†† 15-hour workshop September 18-21, 2023

†† 15-hour workshop November 20-23, 2023

Upon completion of this first module, further training may be completed with a certified Sounder Sleep System™ teacher trainer:
Janine Holenstein
or Paris Kern.

**** Please see endnotes for provisional protocols of the course and certification.

(3 CEC**  create your 3-hour series)

45 minutes/day for four days

Introductory Mini-Workshops

Request your best time and days!

* Learn about the programme.

* Experience a mini-lesson.

* Meet others with similar interests.