Meridian Hours

*   No previous experience with  Focusing required.
*   Combining the ancient art of acupuncture meridians with the attentiveness of Focusing.
*   Simple protocols you can use for yourself right away and apply in your practice with clients.

Meridian Focusing

Do you wish to become more calm and peaceful?

Is it difficult to get to sleep sometimes?

Do you feel the stresses of your environment, and sometimes seek a respite?

Are you sometimes feeling out of balance from doing too much “headwork”?

Is “old stuff” or “anniversary stress” or grief bringing you a feeling of tension?

Are you doing as much therapy as you feel is right, and it still feels like not enough?

If you can not change your schedule or your environment or you can not access that one thing that you know may help you feel better, there is yet something you can do.

You can become more fully present to your body’s energy at each moment.

You can rest with that awareness.

The acupuncture points and the 14 meridians may be used with self-massage or even imagining for calming, grounding, and greater physical ease.

In this introduction to the meridians, you will have support, interaction, and practice.

You are encouraged to practice with other participants between sessions, in person, or over the phone.

A weekly series of four 45 minute classes or tutorials by teleconference:
* Individual sessions and tutorials by request
* Next class dates in January 2022
Series #1 –  Four Mondays 12:30 pm Pacific time
Series #2 –  Four Wednesdays 7:30 pm Pacific time
Series #3 –  by request

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Consultation with Katarina

Tuition: $45.00 or contribution to the studio

Each session is to  be divided into 4 parts:

1/ A beginning focusing attunement – 10 minutes.

2/ Meridians, points, hands-on practice – 10 minutes.

3/ Discussion and didactic – 15 minutes.

4/ A closing attunement and next steps – 10 minutes.