Once again we are in the midst of the Feldenkrais® Summit
“Move Better, Feel Better”
  • Much has happened, ~ ADDITIONAL DAYS FREE ~  free, when you attend or watch the Summit, 48-hour replays for these next days.

    BONUS DAY with  Mia Segal, Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais’s first apprentice,
    Mia has graciously given her time to the summit and there will be three unique talks with her for you to enjoy and study:
    Three talks, Mia Segal, on May 12th. Mark your calendar!
     PLUS You can still watch any of the talks on ENCORE DAY!
    The entire summit will be available for one day, May 14, so you can catch the talks you missed and enjoy some of the movement lessons.

    Saturday, May 1 – Monday, May 10, May 12, May 14, 2021
    Here is our Thinking in Movement Studio affiliate link to sign up ~ 2021

    * Initial broadcasts of interviews and panel discussions
    * Access to the replays for up to 48 hours
    * Awareness Through Movement® lessons during the summit
    * Inspirational Guidebook (Thoughts from each presenter)

    ~ TIMELINE ~
    Saturday, May 1:
    º 24 hrs of movement lessons
    º The opening party/welcome + keynote 12 pm EDT / 9 am PDT

    Sunday, May 2 – Monday, May 10:
    ºRecordings released each day (3 am EDT) available for 48 hrs.
    º ‘Live’ panel discussions at 6 pm EDT /3 pm PDT  chat comments/questions

    [Disclosure: if you use our links above, Thinking in Movement Studio may receive a commission ~ thank you for supporting the studio and the summit.]

We also welcome you to the Thinking in Movement Studio informal study page for the Feldenkrais® Summits
~ a collection of Summit YouTube clips and notes ~  comment or request elaboration on any of the themes ~ there may be blog posts for your chosen topics!

Speakers, Themes, Titles 2021 Summit

~ Olena Nitefor
~ Mia Segal
~ Albert Wong
~ Natalie Goldberg
~ Zoran Kovich
~ Jeff Haller
~ Carolyn Palmer
~ Patrick McKowan
~ Stephen Nachmanovitch
~ Pat Ogden
~ Fariya Doctor
~ David Zemach-Bersin
~ Garet Newell

~ Active Lifestyle
~ Original Breath
~ Healing Trauma
~ Embodied Anatomy
~ Move Your Brain!
~ Abilities: Dropping the “Dis”
~ Language Runs Deep
~ Play
~ Research

Speakers & Titles 2020 Summit

Click on Talk Title to see Video Clip

~ Alan Questel ~
Liking your self more

~ Anat Baniel ~
What dare I wish for as I age?

~ Angela Crowley. ~
The GYROTONIC®️ System as a New Paradigm

~ Buffy Owens & Chrish Kresge ~
The breath of resilience Learning through the nervous system

~ David Hall ~
Alexander and Feldenkrais®—What’s the difference?

~ David Zemach Bersin ~
Creating Neuroplastic Change with Functional Integration

~ Diana Razumny ~
Method to the magic—Awareness Through Movement® mechanics

~ Dwight Pargee ~
Learning to walk again, and again and again…Oh, where do I begin?

~ Erin Geesaman Rabke ~
Embodiment, compassion and ecology —A spiritually integrated approach to healing ourselves and our relationship with the world

~ Frederick Schjang ~
Creating communities of elders through ATM lessons

~ Gil Hedley ~
Integral anatomy: Textural layers, continuity and relationship

~ Irene Lyon ~
Are we shortchanging Feldenkrais’ genius?

~ Jeff Haller ~
Moving Towards Emotional Dignity

~ Karin Major ~
Horse riders, develop your partnership, skill and feel

~ Larry Goldfarb ~
Purposeful practice: Prayer and Feldenkrais®️

~ Linda Tellington-Jones ~
Connecting with cellular wisdom through Tellington TTouch®

~ Lisa Clark ~
Growing Empathy and Choice Through a Felt Experence of the Body

~ Martha Peterson ~
Hanna Somatics—Turning sensory-motor amnesia into sensory-motor awareness

~ Mary Susan Chen ~
Pelvic power: your multi-tasking undercarriage

~ Mercedes (Didi) Von Deck ~
I’ve got back pain: What’s the solution?

~ Nadia Genois ~
Pole dancing meets Feldenkrais®️: a happy but not so obvious encounter

~ Nancy Haller ~
Feldenkrais Method® and BrainEase

~ Odette Guimond ~
Emotions as universal mother tongue

~ Rachel White Galvin ~
Crossfit and the goal mindset paradox

~ Rich Goldsand ~
New perspectives on weight training: A Feldenkrais® approach

~ Linda and Russell Delman ~
Learning Together: A Couple Explores Aging Gracefully

~ Tom Myers ~
The Neuromyofascial Web

~ Vladimir Latocha ~
Feldenkrais®️ for swimmers

Speakers, Tracks & Titles 2019 Summit

Click on Talk Title to see Video Clip

You may enjoy a special collection of YouTube clips and notes from past Feldenkrais® summits. You might find these useful and inspiring!

(Lettering for 2019 Track names added by Katarina Halm
and noting one deletion as requested)

A ~ TRACK: Nervous System Health 

When and Why to Intervene in Babies’ Early Development Dr. Chava Shelhav notes only

B ~ TRACK: Creativity 

C ~ TRACK: Somatics at Large

D ~ TRACK: Neurological Challenges

E ~ Track: Deeper Feldenkrais Teachings

F ~ TRACK: Structure and Tensegrity

Fascia as a Sensory Organ Dr. Robert Schleip notes only

G ~ TRACK: Active Lifestyle 

Dynamism, Survival and Finesse:Martial Arts and Feldenkrais  Elizabeth Beringer notes only

H ~ TRACK: Research 

I ~ TRACK: Beyond Diagnosis


Click a link in this list for YouTube Videos (ordered by Practitioners)

Alan Questel, Cynthia Allen, Donna Ray
Annie Thoe
Auxi Galvez
Chrish Kresge, Lavinia Plonka, Victoria Worsley
Chuz Jimenez
Cindy Allison
Cliff Smyth
Diane Hanneman
Donna Blank
Dorothy Henning
Erifily Nikolakopoulou
Eveline Wu
Fariya Doctor, Shari Lee, Lavinia Plonka
Gil Kelly, Rob Black, Lavinia Plonka
Jennifer Groves
John Sharkey
Julie Peck and Lesley McLennan
Larry Wells
Madelyn Kent
Marg Bartosek
Martha Eddy
Paul Rubin
Pradeep Chopra, David Zemach-Bersin, Deborah Bowes
Robert Schleip
Sonja Johannson
Staffan Elgelid, Anastatic Siotas
Susan Hillier
Todd Hargrove
Uri Vardi

Alan Questel, Cynthia Allen, Donna Ray
excerpt from Compulsion and Habit panel discussion
excerpt from Do and Be panel discussion
excerpt from What is the Nervous System panel discussion

Annie Thoe
excerpt from Move like the Deer: Natural Grace, Agility and Expanded Awareness

Auxi Galvez
excerpt from Architecture and Somatic Intelligence

Pradeep Chopra, David Zemach-Bersin, Deborah Bowes
excerpt from Understanding Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and Feldenkrais
excerpt from Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Chrish Kresge, Lavinia Plonka, Victoria Worsley
excerpt from Creativity a panel discussion

Chuz Jimenez
excerpt from Balanced and Peripheral Neuropathy

Cindy Allison
excerpt from Possibilities with Spinal Cord Injury

Cliff Smyth
excerpt from Researching Feldenkrais: What We Know So Far

Diane Hanneman
excerpt from The Power of Inquiry: Reading and Understanding Research

Donna Blank
excerpt from Embedded Presence in the Dance Between Two Nervous Systems

Dorothy Henning
ATM – The map IS the territoryx_ewEBSjn7w

Erifily Nikolakopoulou
ATM – Starfish

Eveline Wu
excerpt from From Falling Apart to Feeling Whole: Feldenkrais for Trauma and Abuse

Fariya Doctor, Shari Lee, Lavinia Plonka
excerpt from Active Lifestyle, a panel discussion

Gil Kelly, Rob Black, Lavinia Plonka
excerpt from Somatics at Large Panel Discussion

Jennifer Groves
excerpt from Movement Intelligence

John Sharkey
excerpt from Biotensegrity: Anatomy for the 21st Century

Julie Peck and Lesley McLennan
excerpt from Maps with Maps

Larry Wells
excerpt from The Body of Imagination

Madelyn Kent
excerpt from Getting Unstuck: The Body as a Tool against Writer’s Block

Marg Bartosek
excerpt from Navigating the Territory: Updating movement for People Liiving with Parkinson’s Disease

Martha Eddy
excerpt from Where East Meets West in Somatics

Paul Rubin
excerpt from Maturation: Biological and Emotional in the Feldenkrais Method

Robert Schleip
excerpt from Fascia as a Sensory Organ

Sonja Johannson
excerpt from Life Can Wear You Down – Make Sure your Workout Doesn’t

Staffan Elgelid, Anastatic Siotas
excerpt from Structure and Tensegrity a panel discussion
excerpt from Structure and Tensegrity a panel patterns
excerpt from Feldenkrais Research a panel patterns

Susan Hillier
excerpt from Neuroplasticity, Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury

Todd Hargrove
excerpt from Pain Science and the Feldenkrais Method

Uri Vardi
excerpt from Listening to your Body: Exploring Music Kinesthetically

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  1. happybones
    happybones says:

    A video clip with appreciation to Rika from our Amherst Study Group.

    Rika writes: ” Because Dr Robert Schleip’s presentation, Fascia as a Sense Organ was at the top of the list for most popular presentation at the Feldenkrais Summit, I thought that many who attended the Summit would be fascinated in by it. Dr Schleip makes more than one appearance, as do other researchers on the fascia as well as tensegrity. ”

    Excerpt from Fascia as a Sense Organ


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