John Pepper shared his marvelous and hope-filled story in Vancouver and Salt Spring September 24-30, 2016. John began teaching  his unique way of managing Parkinson’s symptoms during presentations for two hundred followers.

Feldenkrais® practitioners Jane Williams and Katarina Halm are honoured to continue teaching John’s Conscious Walking for Parkinson’s. .

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John Pepper‘s Walking Therapy: A man’s journey to walk off his Parkinson’s symptoms

Next Steps in Vancouver for John Pepper’s Conscious Walking for Parkinson’s
 with Jane Williams & Katarina Halm 2018

John Pepper, author of “Reverse Parkinson’s Disease”, diagnosed with Parkinson’s, was told that there was nothing he could do except take medications. But John wanted better than that. He went on to develop methods that allow him to overcome some of the worst symptoms of the disease.

More than two hundred people enjoyed John Pepper’s recent workshops in Vancouver, Richmond, and on Salt Spring,

Feldenkrais® practitioners Jane Williams & Katarina Halm continue teaching John Pepper’s Conscious Walking for Parkinson’s.  Elements from Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons support the learning process.   Included is a practice plan for everyone.

These lessons are useful for those with PD and related neurological conditions, their families, caregivers, physicians, physical therapists, anyone interested in working with neurological approaches to balance and walking.

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Article on John Pepper’s contribution to the Feldenkrais® Method
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For Canadians:  John Pepper on Video as part of CBC The Nature of Things with David Suzuki
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PDF of John Pepper’s Fast Walking Logbook Dec 2016

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John Pepper and his Parkinson’s Disease Experience