* The Movement Intelligence Chairs programme is comprised of 60  ‘Processes’:
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“The Chairs program offers sixty shortcut movements processes to restore posture and activate anti gravity vitality not only for people who have difficulty getting down to, and up from, the floor but also for everyone who is sitting long hours and feel a need to refresh their liveliness.”
–– Ruthy Alon,  Founder of Movement Intelligence

Notes from Katarina Halm

Katarina Halm – Movement Intelligence & Focusing

With the year 2016 I celebrated ten years teaching as a certified practitioner of the Feldenkrais® Method of Somatic Education.

We offer a certification track for those who wish to become certified in any or all of the five modalities of the Movement Intelligence Programme as developed by Feldenkrais® teacher Ruthy Alon: Bones for Life®, Chairs, Walk for Life, Mindful Eating, and Solutions for Optimal Mobility. Please see see Ruthy’s site for a beautiful informative description.

Chairs & Movement Intelligence

from Fixation to Mobility

From Fixation to Liveliness

Parallel to the basic Bones for Life program, the umbrella of the “Movement Intelligence” offers another process designed especially for the characteristic cultural phenomena of sitting on chairs.

The Chairs program is offered not only for people who have difficulty to go down and get up from sitting on a chair, but also for people who are sitting long hours in work or in leisure and feel a need, from time to time, to refresh their body, without devoting too much time or special conditions for it.

The Chair, fixed at the half way from standing to sitting on the floor, sparing us of the effort to take on the more difficult half way from the seat to the floor. But then, it tends to make us forget how to go down or up, even the easy half way from the chair’s level to standing. This is the nature of the organic logic: if we don’t use our full potential, even the limited part we do becomes difficult.

The chairs program offers especially short processes, which can transform the sitting on the chair from its degenerative fixation into an opportunity to restore the harmonious coordination of movement. In sitting too, it is possible to navigate the transmission of force, coming from the impact of feet stepping on the ground, throughout the skeleton in an effective streamlined trajectory, and carry out movements that are loaded with dynamic power, which increase the withstanding of the bone against collapse, aligning the axis of posture and strengthen it.

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Much of the information on this page is taken directly from Ruthy Alon’s beautiful site here. Movement Intelligence, Bones for Life®, Walk for Life, Chairs, Mindful Eating, Solutions for Optimal Mobility are terms developed by Ruthy and we at the Studio consider them trademarked and proprietary. We use them with gratitude.