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Notes from Katarina Halm

Katarina Halm – Movement Intelligence & Focusing

With the year 2016 I celebrated ten years teaching as a certified practitioner of the Feldenkrais® Method of Somatic Education. I am currently also a certified trainer in the Movement Intelligence Programme.

At Thinking in Movement Studio we offer a certification track for those who wish to become certified in any or all of the five modalities of the Movement Intelligence Programme as developed by Feldenkrais® teacher Ruthy Alon: Bones for Life®, Chairs, Walk for Life, Mindful Eating, and Solutions for Optimal Mobility. Please see Ruthy’s site for a beautiful informative description of eachMovement Intelligence modality, including videos and stories.

Solutions for Optimal Mobility

Solutions for Optimal Mobility
Self-Care Strategies for Individual Nero-motor Limitations

The Solutions program provides a broad variety of movement procedures to resolve common issues people have with their functioning, like releasing lower back compression, refreshing articulation of upper back vertebrae, aligning hip joints, restoring ankles and knees’ springiness, as well as feet and toes’ adjustability, freeing necks’ ease, building up wrists’ tolerance to pressure and awakening resourcefulness for recovering balance and asymmetry difficulties.

In restoring harmony of well coordinated functioning, as nature meant, each specific problem is approached in the Solutions program through the Feldenkrais integrative perspective of dealing with the reciprocal interdependency between the specific suffering part, and its corresponding Bio-dynamic partners throughout the entire body network. Rather than imposing an unrelated right correction, of changing an isolated part, which seems unfit, the Solutions’ instruction is leading the student to explore a few unused options of moving this part, with emphasize on the involvement of the corresponding interaction with the rest of the body. Reminding the organism the experience of supportive cooperation it spontaneously knows how to reset itself more sensibly. Setting harmonious integration between all body parts is a primal factor in natural movement, like you can see in animals moving in the wild. This is in distinct from a cultural task, which may overuse and over intensify one part – without proportionally adjusting it with the rest of the body correspondence.

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Much of the information on this page is taken directly from Ruthy Alon’s beautiful site here. Movement Intelligence, Bones for Life®, Walk for Life, Chairs, Mindful Eating, Solutions for Optimal Mobility are terms used by her and we at the Studio consider them Trademarked and proprietary. We use them with gratitude.