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2017 Feldenkrais Conference – Seattle, WA, August 23-27, 2017

Katarina Halm has submitted two proposals for conference presentations. A proposal for a conference workshop on Feldenkrais® & Taiji: self=organization to produce powerful movements! and Feldenkrais® & Breathing – Feldenkrais® contributions to restoring ease and function for those pervasive breathing pattern disorders. Please click here for free .pdf resource related to this proposal.

Happy Birthday Ruthy Alon!

Happy Birthday Ruthy Alon! Ruthy Alon began working with Moshe Feldenkrais in the 1960s in Israel, and is considered one of the foremost teachers of The Feldenkrais Method in the world. She teaches throughout Europe, America, and Australia as well as in Israel, where she makes her home.

Honoring Gene Gendlin

Two psychotherapy associations are honoring Eugene Gendlin with their Lifetime Achievement Award at their respective conferences, they are: the United States Association for Body Psychotherapy (USABP) and the European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP).