Michaël Hébert An introduction to Real Time Focusing and the playful practice of Presence-Audio

Michaël Hébert Presence-Audio at Help for Helpers May 13, 2024 ~ please click for a descriptive  Handout

Gene Gendlin has said that «  The most important thing, the essence of working in Focusing with another person, is to be present as a human being ». Acknowledging that this is the most important ingredient, how can we practice « Presence » ?

BIO : Michaël Hébert (B.Sc. Physical Education ; B.A. Dramatic Arts…) Michaël has offered his skills as a Physical Education teacher, Somatic Educator and Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner at a public college for 30 years. He is passionate about « the learning process » and the philosophy of the implicit brought forth by Eugene Gendlin.

In 2006, he integrated NVC into his Phys. Ed. teaching and, in 2013, Relational Focusing. He is certified as a Focusing mentor (2018) and trainer (2022). He participated in the creation, management, and also taught in a one-on-one Basic Training Program in Focusing (PEI) since 2018 and more recently in a multi-level group format on Zoom

(PEA). Currently, he writes about Focusing as a learning process and as a Somatic approach, using Thinking at the Edge (TAE). He presently resides in Beauport, Québec, Canada.


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