“Movement as nature meant”… “Biological optimism”

“Movement as nature meant”… “Biological optimism” — Ruthy Alon, Founder of Movement Intelligence Please click for our invitation: Bones for Life® with Cate Thomas & Katarina Halm & Marie-Paule Wiley Spring/Summer 2021 Enjoy: be with us simply as may interest you each day Certification:  Spring/Summer 2021 ALSO provides 90 hours towards the 210 hours for completing  […]

Bones for Life® ‘Basic Principles’

An intriguing composite image by Elizabeth Keith ‘What Texting does to your spine’ from Elizabeth Keith Ten Bones for Life® Basic Principles ~ Welcoming you to ponder, practice, and post your notes! BFL Principle #1: Explorations of options: The system chooses what is right for the situation present (Organic Kinaesthetic Learning) BFL Principle #2: Multi-Angle […]

Adaptive responses

Adaptive responses can become gateways to learning. Sometimes these responses appear extreme and the key may be to simply listen.  The medical community may become more and more aware of new ways to view ‘Obsessive Compulsive Disorder’ (OCD) in light of the work of Stephen Porges. Jan Winhall, following Porges’s work, developed “A Felt Sense Polyvagal Model […]