Dreaming and Moving ~ Katarina Halm article in “My Covid-19 Story group” June 2020

The study of Meridians enhances a developing practice. 
Moshé Feldenkrais spoke about Meridians on several occasions.  The following are notes from his Amherst Functional Integration® Lesson 1 for Leona: Neck and shoulder organization, (2 August 1980).
Leona: “And you are an expert on Karate or Judo?”
Moshé:  “Judo, yes.” … ” In Judo it is not injuring an opponent, but making him admit that he lost his balance. But no one should be injured. In Karate you may inflict terrific blows.”
Leona: “Is it defensive vs offensive?”
Moshé:  “The purpose of Judo is to make the mind and body more alert and efficient.”
Leona: “And you use acupuncture too? Meridians?”
Moshé:  “Some believe the Meridians system exists like blood circulation or the lymphatic system, other systems flow other things.  Meridians show the way ‘Vital Energy’ flows. I do not simply believe it, rather in my work, I know by way of experiencing. But of course, acupuncturists can’t treat everything. If acupuncture was so efficient China wouldn’t have sick people! They would be world experts! You have to take everything with a grain of salt. “…
Moshé:  “The judgment is never final. If you are generous to others, that can change their signature.”
–– informal transcript of the audio from https://feldenkrais-method.org/archive/collection/amherst-evening-lessons/

Dreaming and Moving ~ Katarina Halm article in “My Covid-19 Story group” June 2020

 I was delighted by the cohesiveness of the ‘My COVID-19 Story’ group (May-June 2020). Keiko Honda provided many forms for our collaborations including Google Docs, email, zoom meetings, even the promise of a possible short gathering in Keiko’s garden later this summer with social distancing safely in place  The creativity and camaraderie around our widely varied themes led me to develop my endeavour in leaps and bounds!
I developed a new series of movement explorations, beginning with an abbreviated practice of two classical Meridians. We trace Meridians lightly on our own arms, then rotate the arm around its thumb, later we rotate the same arm around its baby finger. The purpose of the exploration is to refine and develop our self-image, our awareness of ourselves, and the potential for change.  We work with Differentiation & Reintegration into the Self Image as developed by Moshé Feldenkrais.

Upon completion of My COVID-19 Story, a 30-day challenge writing support group project, facilitated by Keiko Honda and supported by West Side NSG (Neighourhood Small Grants), Keiko Honda created a website to hold the stories and commentary: 

“We act in accordance with our self-image” Moshé Feldenkrais

“We act in accordance with our self-image. This self-image—which, in turn, governs our every act—is conditioned in varying degree by three factors: heritage, education, and self-education.”
–– Moshé Feldenkrais, Preface to Awareness through Movement. 1972, 1977

“In those moments when awareness succeeds in being at one with feeling, senses, movement, and thought, the carriage will speed along on the right road. Then man can make discoveries, invent, create, innovate, and know He grasps that his small world and the great world around are but one and that in this unity he is no longer alone.”
–– Moshé Feldenkrais , page 54 Awareness through Movement. 1972, 1977

Thursdays June 2020

 Focusing on Borden Thursdays June 4. 11, 18. 25, 2020

3:30 pm (Pacific time) http://www.focusingonborden.com/workshops

Jenna Chevalier,  Katarina Halm, Ann Johnston, Serge Prengel
A four week series of free classes via zoom.
These evenings will consist of an opening grounding exercise, a 45-minute class, followed by small group Focusing & Listening in breakout rooms.

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