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Study page ~ ‘The Weber-Fechner-Henneman Movement Optimization Cycle’  (Russell 2017)

ABOUT ROGER RUSSELL: “Roger Russell, M.A., PT, trained with Moshé Feldenkrais in San Francisco, Amherst, and Israel (1975 – 1982). A movement scientist, physical therapist, and Feldenkrais trainer, he is co-director of the Feldenkrais-Zentrum in Heidelberg, Germany. Since 1975, he has been intrigued by the network of ideas, including neuroscience, which stands behind the practical […]

Ellen Soloway Feldenkrais® mentoring online

• Ellen’s tutorials continue with the 4:45pm Pacific time Tues/Thurs group
(a perfect time for Australia). • In addition,  there has been interest in a second group at a time earlier in the day for those near the East coast of the USA, UK, Europe and beyond. * If you are interested,
CONTACT (Katarina) let us know best times […]

Ellen Soloway ~ Seeing beyond your limitations: an advanced training

Description of Ellen Soloway’s Advanced Training  “Seeing and Perceiving Beyond your Expectations” “The human nervous system is the least rigid of all structures.  It grows and forms itself while we undergo experience.  It is more affected by personal experience than the nervous system of any other animal.  Personal experience is the key to our “greatness” […]

NEW! Fall 2018 Study in APM with Neil Dunaetz

NEW! Fall 2018 Study in APM with Neil Dunaetz PDF of this page Shall we sign up for Neil Dunaetz’s 1-Day  Sunday October 7, 9am-11am New York / 6am-8am Pacific   For Beginners, Intermediate & Advance Do you feel that those in your local Practice group may like to sign up too?   NEW! Fall 2018 Study in APM with Neil Dunaetz PDF […]

Summary of Ellen’s Advanced Trainings, June, August, November, 2018 & April 2019.

Summary of Ellen’s Advanced Trainings, June, August, November, 2018 & April 2019.. #1 Ann Arbor Michigan is the town — Detroit (DFW) is the airport. Topic:  The midline and the importance of crossing it. Dates: either June  21-24, 2018 (Thursday-Sunday) FI’s available on the day before the advanced Contact: Dale Jensen. <dale@mindbodymove.com> #2 Raleigh-Durham area (Durham is the town […]

Testimonials for FI Mentoring with Ellen Soloway

  Testimonials for FI Mentoring with Ellen Soloway    Ellen’s FI mentoring brings such additional depth and understanding to one’s practice whether you are a novice or an experienced practitioner.  I have watched her hone the skills and explain the nuances of a particular touch to experienced practitioners; and has made me feel as if […]

Sleeping positions

With appreciation to Doug Bolston, this post is excerpted from “You can (and should) train yourself to sleep on your back.“ Although it is commonly recommended that sleeping on your back is the best position to sleep in, comfort is key Most Americans sleep on their sides, according to the National Sleep Foundation. While many […]

How to nap

(with appreciation to Doug Bolston, adapted by Katarina) Research has shown many benefits to naps—especially short ones. For example, over the course of a day, people’s ability to respond to stimuli—like an email from a coworker—naturally dwindles. A 2014 study in the journal Nature Neuroscience showed that people who took a 30-minute midday nap paused […]