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Studio Resources

New page on our Studio site:  Resources-added 171229 Links and notes for a bird’s eye view to classical and new studies and resources. Welcoming you to add your favourites and there might be a tab structure to develop the page soon to differentiate categories.  _____________________________________________________ Tiffany Sankary Feldenkrais Posts! November 2017 NY Times article about how the Feldenkrais […]

Mindful Eating & Focusing Gathering

2-4 pm Pacific, on Zoom, August 7, 2017 – Mindful Eating & Focusing Gathering Prerequisite – please choose a theme from this interview to discuss during the meeting! Individuation, Mutual Connection, and the Body’s Resources An Interview with Lisbeth Marcher by Peter Bernhardt, M.F.T. ( part 1 of 2 & part 2 of 2 with […]

“TIME” pages 60-73

Pages 60-73 (“TIME”) from Gendlin’s A Process Model 1997 CHAPTER IV: THE BODY AND TIME CHAPTER IV-B: TIME: EN#2 AND EN#3, OCCURRING AND IMPLYING (p. 60-73) A Process Model (1997) [60] CHAPTER IV-B:  TIME: EN#2 AND EN#3, OCCURRING AND IMPLYING To develop our model of time, we have to relate occurring and implying to en#2 […]

Feldenkrais Week

International Feldenkrais® Week: May 5-14, 2017 Celebrating over 100 years of learning= Every year, Feldenkrais communities throughout North America use early May to celebrate Moshe Feldenkrais’ birthday and his great contribution to learning, movement and possibilities. Join us for free classes, parties, special events and more which will take place at studios, in parks, even board rooms. Check back here often, as […]

Follow up classes for John Pepper’s conscious walking for Parkinson’s

John Pepper, the maverick South African Parkinson’s disease campaigner, shared his marvelous and hope-filled story in Vancouver and Salt Spring September 24-30, 2016. John met with fellow Parkinson disease sufferers and spoke about his unique way of managing Parkinson’s symptoms. Feldenkrais® Practitioners Jane Williams and Katarina Halm are offering follow up classes.

PWR!MOVES® for Parkinson

The Richmond Library is offering PWR!MOVES® for Parkinson, an exercise demo workshop on September 27, 2016, Tuesday from 2:30-3:30 pm. PWR!MOVES® for Parkinson, an evidence-based program led by PWR!MOVES certified instructors, is offered by City of Richmond Minoru Place Activity Centre. The September 27th workshop provides opportunities for community members to try out the exercise routines at this free session and they can also sign up for classes. Attached is a flyer to give you more information.

Maxine Sheets-Johnstone’s new book! ‘Insides and Outsides: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Animate Nature’

In her work Maxine Sheets-Johnstone appears as a unique brand in the eld of human science research. Elegantly, eloquently and with great knowledge she is able to integrate philosophy, human movement studies, psychology, biology, cognitive science, brain research and so much more into a complex and integrated theory of the animated nature of human beings. This volume is a great collection of her work.” — Reinhard Stelter, Professor and Head, Coaching Psychology Unit, University of Copenhagen, author of A Guide to Third Generation Coaching

Green Pie

green pie / borscht / croutons green pie  all organic brown rice flour oat flour / sometimes buckwheat flour olive oil sweet potato egg steamed rice chard /beet tops / sometimes spinach / always parsley / sometimes / green peas / sometimes green beans almonds hazelnuts / sometimes peppers or cheese for those who wish borscht […]

Feldenkrais® and Focusing (Katarina Halm 2013)

I have been integrating Focusing and Feldenkrais® for thirty years and have been teaching this crossing since 2006. Below are notes on the relationship between Focusing and Feldenkrais® and an invitation to join us for this adventure. Donna Blank writes about her knowledge and skill as a kind of “background” or grounding from which her […]