Fifty Years in Motion ~ Israeli Feldenkrais Festival Aug 1st, 2021

The Israeli Guild Feldenkrais Festival ~ Fifty Years in Motion
‘Join us from around the world’ ‘Live Feldenkrais lessons in six languages!’

Events with the Israeli Guild on the 1st of August 

will take place both on Zoom and on Facebook
The Zoom meeting link:
Facebook page ~ when the live broadcast is soon to begin
it will be posted at to top of the page at this Facebook link
Here is the event link
Feldenkrais lessons in six languages 1st of August, 2021
~ listed below in Central European Time (CET):
The event will start a bit early to make sure all the technical things work well.
3 PM CET – Italian by Isabella Turino
4 PM – German by Eli Wadler
5 PM – French by Sabine Pfeffer
6 PM – Hebrew by Chava Shelhav
11am PT./ 3pm Argentina / 7 PM Central European Time (CET) – Spanish by Marilupe Campero
8 PM – English – Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais – A lesson filmed from the training in Amherst USA with about 250 participants
– courtesy of the IFF International Feldenkrais® Federation
2nd of August at 7 pm CET
the premiere broadcast of 2 interviews with Chava Shelhav and Eli Wadler about the evolution of the Feldenkrais Method.
These interviews will be broadcasted by the Israeli Guild
• Facebook page
• YouTube Channel:
YouTube Video by Tsippy Gaman
Tsippy Ganan, the chairperson of the Israeli Guild’
created an informal YouTube video following Moshe’s
footsteps from the time he arrived in Tel Aviv!
Please give credit to the Israeli Guild when you share the link:
Special note: June 30, 2021: 50 years ago
13 students finished the first Feldenkrais training in Tel Aviv.
Two of the 13, Eli Wadler and Chava Shelhav,
will teach lessons on the first of August.
With a devotion to learning,

FULL URLs to click for your time:

Sunday AUGUST 1, 2021 3PM CET 16:00 Italian – Trainer Isabella Turin – Italian CLICK FOR YOUR TIME / 9am Eastern / 6am Pacific,+2021+3PM+CET+%E2%80%93+Italian++CLICK+FOR+YOUR+TIME+/+9am+Eastern+/+6am+Pacific+&iso=20210801T15&p1=341&ah=1&am=15

Sunday AUGUST 1, 2021 4 PM CET 17:00 German – Trainer Eli Wadler CLICK FOR YOUR TIME,+2021+4PM+CET+17:00+German+-+Trainer+Eli+Wadler++CLICK+FOR+YOUR+TIME&iso=20210801T16&p1=37&ah=1&am=15

Sunday AUGUST 1, 2021 5 PM CET 18:00 French – Trainer Sabine Pepper CLICK FOR YOUR TIME,+2021+5PM+CET+18:00+French+-+Trainer+Sabine+Pepper++CLICK+FOR+YOUR+TIME&iso=20210801T17&p1=333

Sunday AUGUST 1, 2021 6 PM CET19:00 Hebrew – Trainer Chava Shelhav CLICK FOR YOUR TIME,+2021+6PM+CET19:00+Hebrew+-+Trainer+Chava+Shelhav++CLICK+FOR+YOUR+TIME&iso=20210801T18&p1=195

Sunday AUGUST 1, 2021 7 PM CET 20:00 Spanish – Trainer Marilope Campero CLICK FOR YOUR TIME

Sunday AUGUST 1, 2021 8 PM CET 21:00 English – CLICK FOR YOUR TIME Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais – A lesson filmed from the training in Amherst USA with about 250 participants – courtesy of the IFF International Feldenkrais Federation,+2021+8PM+CET+21:00+English+-++CLICK+FOR+YOUR+TIME+Dr.+Moshe+Feldenkrais&iso=20210801T20&p1=195

Monday 2nd August 2021 7pm CET premiere broadcast of 2 interviews with Chava Shelhav and Eli Wadler about the evolution of the Feldenkrais Method

Daniel Swain, climate scientist

Inviting your comments:

Short Interview with Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at the University of California, Los Angeles who is an authority on extreme weather, wildfires, and other climate impacts.

Noting Swain’s statement:

“I’m less convinced that recent events tell us that things are moving faster than projections have suggested,” Swain said. “But I am increasingly convinced that we’ve underestimated the impacts of some of the changes that were actually fairly well predicted.”

Perhaps you may comment on the following:

• predicted, modeled changes vs actual impacts (i.e., mathematically-abstracted mean values and hypothesized kinds of changes vs actual happening-nature events)

• locality and time.

• Swain’s description of meteorological models predicting recent extreme-extreme events while the meteorologists themselves discounted these extremely-anomalous model projections–until they were actually happening!

Thinking in Movement Studio Newsletter ~ July 26, 2021


A note about the July 26, 2021 Newsletter image:
Quince, Pears & Dancing Clouds

CONTENTS of the newsletter

En Español
* Sabrina Castillo Gallusser ~ Feldenkrais En Español  * Sept 7, 14, 21, 28, 2021
* Alfo Humano ~ En Español Leera Gendlin     

Feldenkrais® Lessons and Reflections
Rachel Rudnasky, Yesim Alic, Katarina Halm 

A Sounder World w/ Sounder Sleep System™ 

Movement Intelligence

* Bones for Life® 3

* Bones for Life 1

* Mindful Eating

* Taiji

Additional programs & links

* Neil Dunaetz: Science, Gendlin’s Process Model, and Climate Change

* Experiential Philosophy ~ Eugene T. Gendlin Line by Line Commentary on Aristotle’s De Anima

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Featured Scholar

Neil Dunaetz ~ Climate Change & Gendlin’s Philosophy
* Initial series four Tuesdays, beginning July 20, 2021
12pm-1pm New York, 9am-10am San Francisco, 18:00-19:00 Rome.
PDF Neil Dunaetz Climate Change & Gendlin’s Philosophy
Register with Neil Dunaetz, [email protected]. 707 478-6787


En Español

Sabrina Castillo En Español Feldenkrais 
* Sept 7, 14, 21, 28, 2021
    3:30 pm Pacific *one hour Tuesdays
Sabrina Castillo Gallusser (Guatemala) Método Feldenkrais, lecciones de Conciencia a través del movimiento PDF
PAGE Método Feldenkrais En Español
PDF Aprende a aprender de Moshé Feldenkrais 
Register at…

Alfo Humano En Español Focusing Leera Gendlin 
Posible remanso intelectual. Nuevos conceptos, para un nuevo cuerpo. Actividades! Alfo, Sincronía es Propósito, Focusing Trainer. 
Registration and more notes at
* En Español LeeraGendlin_Invitacion (Focusing continues learning Alfo Humano)


Experiential Philosophy

Experiential Philosophy ~ Gendlin Reading Group 
* 7 am Pacific * 60 min Thursdays
Reading Group: Eugene T. Gendlin Line by Line Commentary on Aristotle’s De Anima
Register at…

Ginsburg reading group, The Intelligence of Moving Bodies:

4 pm Pacific * 2nd Saturdays
Aug 14, Sept 11, Oct 9, Nov 13, Dec 11, 2020
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Feldenkrais  Pages/References

Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement®
Learn to Learn by Moshe Feldenkrais

Aprende a aprender de Moshé Feldenkrais 

Dianne Henneman Interview 2021
Amherst Study Group

Feldenkrais Lessons

* 11:00 am Pacific *one hour Mondays
Awareness Through Movement® lesson
Rachel Rudnasky

* 9:00 am Pacific *75 min Saturdays
ATM® lesson and discussion
Self Image, Body Image, Body Schema
Yesim Alic and Katarina Halm 

* 7:00 am Pacific *one-hour Fridays
Amherst Study Group for Feldenkrais® practitioners and trainees

Here is a post with a clip including the heart circle… Feldenkrais® & Vagus System: Elinor Silverstein/Anastasi Siotis An informative and practical presentation from Elinor Silverstein: “We led a lovely impromptu online 1-hour class for Feldenkrais® members about the Vagus System and what we can do to help ourselves and others. Here is the video of all of us together and to so many more who were not able to attend but would like to see it and learn. This is for everyone, you don’t need to be a Feldenkrais Practitioner”.

Feldenkrais Lessons and Reflections

* Tsippy Ganan, the chairperson of the Israeli Feldenkrais Guild, Created an informal YouTube video following Moshé Feldenkrais’s footsteps from the time he arrived in Tel Aviv ~


* A Sounder World w/ Sounder Sleep System™

Sign-up Links

Introductory sessions and Module 1
* A Sounder World w: Sounder Sleep System™ Intro July 26, Aug 2: Module 1 August 9-12, 2021 
* Two more Free Introductory Mini-Workshops
Mondays July 26, Aug 2, 2021, 7:00 am PT *30-45 min ~ please click for your time

Additional information
* A Sounder World w/ Sounder Sleep System™
*Sounder Sleep System™ Teachers Directory
* To join the Sounder Sleep System™ Teachers Directory
* Welcome to our Q & A and Information page for The Sounder Sleep System® Teacher Training program
* Honouring Michael Krugman founder of the Sounder Sleep System™
Paris Kern Teacher Training: Sounder Sleep Training

* Touching Your Heart Calming Mini-Move #6- page 227 The Insomnia Solution © 2005 by Michael Krugman, Katarina Halm AUDIO
* The Lie We Tell Ourselves About Going to Bed Early
To get better sleep, stop treating it like a chore. (with appreciation to Tracy Mulligan GFCP who sent the article) The Atlantic Monthly


Movement Intelligence

Bones for Life® 

Bones for Life® 3 continues to September 28, 2021
* 10:30 am Pacific *90 minutes Thursdays

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Bones for Life 1 continues to August 28, 2021
* 7:00 am Pacific *90 minutes Saturdays

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Mindful Eating
* 6:30 – 7:15 am (Pacific time) Wednesdays
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* 7:00 – 7:45 am (Pacific time) Tuesdays
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Contributions to the studio

Your contributions and work-study are appreciated so that the studio may continue.

Testimonials …

“I find the minimal movements during the lessons evoke meaningful learning. I am more aware of that moment when my system is clear and open. I experience an instantaneous felt sense of curiosity. I can breathe more freely and see that situations are progressing, so I find a more positive view of life. I am more and more aware of my learning as I continue the lessons with Katarina and Thinking in Movement teachers at Corona Plaza Life. I am supported in translating the lessons into a rhythm for myself. Thus I find ways to be conscientious – I find the best place for my energy and endeavours to land each day, each week, and for each project.”
–– Alfo Humano, Focusing trainer, Cordoba, Argentina

“These Feldenkrais classes have really helped me get in touch with my body, learn what it needs, how to calm my nervous system, and to ignite my innate energy. Thank you so much for all the presence, attention, and teaching you have done. I really appreciate it.”
–– Laurie Brill, New Mexico

Testimonials by Participants in the upcoming 15- hour Module 1
Sounder Sleep System™ Monday-Thursday August 9-12, 2021

(* upon completion of this provisional first module, further training may be completed with a Sounder Sleep System™ teacher trainer.)

In both of my recent Sounder Sleep classes with Katarina, I’ve had profound experiences. With the mini-movies processes, her gentle manner and soothing voice have helped to guide me into a very deep, quiet, and peaceful place within. I am looking forward to being a part of her August Sounder Sleep training!
–– Yonah Gershator, Mezzo-soprano, Feldenkrais® Practitioner, NYC

I have been studying “Focusing” and “Bones for life” with Katarina since 2018. Her classes, tutorials, and practice sessions enhance my ability to listen well, both through words and kinaesthetically through my hands, eyes, ears, and intuition. Katarina’s teaching led me to become a better hands-on practitioner. I highly recommend working with Katarina. She has an innate ability to help practitioners cue into our own nervous systems, teaching us to give space and time for listening to ourselves and others using our kinaesthetic senses.
–– Minal S. Feldenkrais Practitioner, USA

Additional Testimonials by Participants
All mini-moves proposed (and softly guided) in the classes resulted not only in relaxation also in learning how to be “coming home”. Invaluable!
–– Alfo Humano, Sincronía es Propósito, Focusing Trainer, Sounder Sleep System™ Teacher,

I am enjoying coming to Katarina’s sessions very much. Her welcoming plant-filled space allows me to feel very comfortable and her gentle and perceptive comments and guidance are most helpful! Corona Plaza is a fun meeting space where I have met interesting people from all over the world. Thank you very much for providing this lovely learning space!
–- Sílvia, London, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Bones for Life Teacher, Sounder Sleep System™ Teacher, UK, June 2021

Katarina’s classes are full of deep educational aspects. Her pace makes practice easy. Having feedback from her gives safety.
— Yesim Alic, PhD Candidate, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Sounder Sleep System™ Teacher, May 2021

I find the Sounder Sleep exercises very relaxing, especially as introduced by Katarina Halm.   –– Participant May 2021

* More at

Studio Facebook Pages

A Sounder World with Sounder Sleep System™

Focusing at Thinking in Movement Studio

Mindful Eating at Thinking in Movement Studio

With all best wishes and devotion to learning,

Katarina Halm, M.A.
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Feldenkrais® GCFP * Focusing CFT
A Sounder World with the Sounder Sleep System™
Movement Intelligence Trainer
[email protected]
* 1 604 263 9123 (Vancouver BC Canada)

Feldenkrais® Summits study page

Thinking in Movement Studio informal study page for the Feldenkrais® Summits
~ a collection of Summit YouTube clips and notes
comment or request elaboration on any of the themes
~ there may be blog posts for your chosen topics!

* A Sounder World with Sounder Sleep System® Spring/Summer 2021

A Sounder World w: Sounder Sleep System® Spring/Summer 2021

  Cultivate balance and ease in your patterns of waking and sleeping

  Enhance your professional practice as a therapist or teacher

  Continuing Education Credits (CEC) and Professional Development Hours (PDH)

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