Daniel Swain, climate scientist

Inviting your comments:

Short Interview with Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at the University of California, Los Angeles who is an authority on extreme weather, wildfires, and other climate impacts.

Noting Swain’s statement:

“I’m less convinced that recent events tell us that things are moving faster than projections have suggested,” Swain said. “But I am increasingly convinced that we’ve underestimated the impacts of some of the changes that were actually fairly well predicted.”

Perhaps you may comment on the following:

• predicted, modeled changes vs actual impacts (i.e., mathematically-abstracted mean values and hypothesized kinds of changes vs actual happening-nature events)

• locality and time.

• Swain’s description of meteorological models predicting recent extreme-extreme events while the meteorologists themselves discounted these extremely-anomalous model projections–until they were actually happening!

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