Feldenkrais® Summit & Study Page

Upcoming Feldenkrais® FREE ONLINE Summit
May 1 – May 10, 2020. Just TWO days away!
Feldenkrais®-Summit-2020-Calendar purchase the ALL ACCESS PASS to receive dozens of downloadable Awareness Through Movement® lessons, audio and video interviews, panel discussions, study materials, transcripts, Follow this link to sign up for the full package. [Disclosure: if you use our links above,Thinking in Movement Studio may receive a commission ~ thank you for supporting the studio and the summit.]

​Meanwhile, you may enjoy a special collection of YouTube clips and notes from the current and past Feldenkrais® summits.
Welcoming you to comment or request elaboration on any of the themes.  I plan to add blog posts for your chosen topics!

​The terms Feldenkrais, Awareness Through Movement, and Functional Integration are registered service marks in Canada of the Feldenkrais Guild of North America (FGNA).

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