‘Horizons of Understanding’ Katarina Halm Oct 2020

‘Horizons of Understanding’
Re-discovering a phenomenological epoché with Maxine Sheets-Johnstone

By Katarina Halm

October 2020

In January 2014, three Feldenkrais® trainers and scholars, Roger Russell, Ulla Schläfke, and Jeff Haller, collaborated with phenomenologist Maxine Sheets-Johnstone to create a seminar on the Feldenkrais Method and philosophy in Yachats on the Oregon coast.  Prior to the seminar, lengthy email correspondences among the participants paved the way for our study. Already in November 2013, Roger Russell pointed us to “Gadamer’s hermeneutics and the necessity of recognizing each individual’s limited horizon of understanding.” (R.  Russell, personal communication, November 17, 2013).  I was intrigued to learn more about other people’s limited horizons of understanding and to further recognize and expand my own.  Understanding grows with experience, as do skill, knowledge, and intuition.
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‘Horizons of Understanding’ Katarina Halm October 2020

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