Newly published article by Jan Winhall on the felt sense polyvagal model

I have updated the page dedicated to PolyVagal Model ~ Adapting to social distancing ~ Developing relational intricacies with the newly published article by Jan Winhall from the University of Toronto! Also on the page are PDF links to Jan Winhall’s graphics representing the felt sense polyvagal model of emotional regulation.


Addiction from the Bottom Up: A Felt Sense Polyvagal Model of Addiction

Reaching beyond the western, post Descartes view of mind/body duality as distorted and harmful, I have explored alternative ways of experiencing and conceptualizing the body. I think this is critical when working with addiction because our current understanding and treatment of addiction reflect this disembodied view—addiction is seen as a malfunctioning of our computer-like brains. But the current brain disease model is failing us. Rates are soaring. People are dying in the streets. We can and must do better than this. To approach addiction from a new perspective, I created a model to conceptualize and treat addiction: The Felt Sense Polyvagal Model (FSPM).
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