My name is Michelle Habington and I am a volunteer like you, at the Cancer Treatment Centre (CTC).
I was asked to speak to you briefly about what I do here:

Do you find that you are doing things for everybody else and wish you could find time for you?
Is dealing with your elderly parent getting you frustrated when all you want is to be patient and compassionate?
Are you feeling overwhelmed or anxious and don’t know where to turn? Do you worry about everything and wish you could relax?
Are you mourning a loved one and need to support yourself through the process?
Do you want to get your clutter cleaned up but never seem to get to it?

What if you could get to a place that feels better right now even just a little. Maybe find a way to deal with the clutter in your office or kitchen? What if you could finally make a decision and go through with what you need to do for yourself? What if you could be compassionate in your dealings with your elderly parent and release that feeling of burden there?

I teach people how to be with issues like the ones I just mentioned using their very own natural ability. If you could sit in on a session, you would see me sitting with a person who seems to be meditating. In fact, the person is relaxed, taking the time to breathe and aware of what is there for them at that very moment. They can choose to be with a specific issue for example: “I have all this information about the treatments I am about to have and I’m scared”. Or “I’m worried about the fight I had with my son this morning”. The person senses how that feels in the body, kind of a body- sense of the whole situation which is more than feelings and emotions.

As a Focusing Guide and teacher for many years, I help people through their process, so that they can be aware of how they are right now about a situation or in their lives in general. Often, just taking the time to sit with an issue brings new awareness, insight and can bring a life change.
Listening is an important part of what I do. I listen without giving advice, gently supporting and guiding a person as they explore an issue in a respectful and confidential environment. I have to bring a welcoming presence and compassion, listening to the essence of what the person is saying. Maybe you can imagine what it would be like for you to have someone really listen to you without offering advice or hurrying to tell you about their own experience or quick fixes. How might that feel in your body!

Focusing is a way of listening to yourself, using your body awareness, your intuition, your wisdom so that you can sort out what you feel and want.
Focusing is the practice or tool that I use at the CTC. If you are curious, and you want more information or if you want to try it, you are welcome to book a session with me.

Thank you.

Michelle Habington
Strattford Prince Edward Island Canada
Email: Michelle Habington <[email protected]>
Telephone: 902- 569=2335