Isabella Mori – Focusing Teacher in Training
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Telephone: 604-618-0830

Isabella Mori

About Isabella

I have worked in the counselling/mental health field since 1992. I have a private counselling practice, work for a mental health organization, and am also a writer. Spirituality, creativity and social justice are important to me and I like to laugh a lot. My blog can be found at

My Love for Focusing

What do I love about focusing? Oh, so much. It is unbelievably simple and yet so vastly complex. It is a tool that can be used immediately to solve practical problems that are hard to deal with because there just seem too many thoughts and emotions “getting in the way”. It is also a “magic wand” that lets us explore our inner experience deeper and deeper and deeper. Focusing can help add new and exciting dimensions to conversations, dreams, creativity …

Being with another person as she or he delves into the wonderful world of focusing is a delicious privilege. I listen, then I listen some more, then I try to understand just WHAT it is that the other person experiences, just WHAT it is like as he/she looks for the right word, gesture, metaphor that expresses what’s going inside. I sit and breathe with them as they find it, say it, show it, and together we explore some more.

Free Focusing Sessions

Isabella Mori, Focusing Teacher Trainee and Assistant Teacher, offers free Focusing sessions as part of her certification project. If you or someone you know would like to receive a free session please contact Isabella as listed under her photo.

Level One Focusing Class

Would you like to …

  • Connect more deeply with your inner experience?
  • Relate more closely with your body?
  • Listen with more patience and curiosity – to yourself and to others?
  • Play more with your imagination?
  • Add another coping skill to your tool box?
  • Get a handle on those emotions?
  • Come and join us FREE 3-session course on …

In this Level 1 Inner Relationship Focusing course you will learn: special Focusing listening and reflection skills; language that helps guide yourself through the four stages of a Focusing session; “felt sense” – that moment when you know that something important is happening inside; “Self in Presence” – a comfortable, stance towards the thoughts, emotions and bodily experiences that can arise. Learning is comfortably paced, enjoyable and natural. Focusing was developed by Eugene Gendlin (one of the so-called “super shrinks” because of his great success rate). He first wrote about it in 1967; it has been further developed ever since, both in North America and all over the world.

The program includes:

♣ 1 Focusing Session and consultation with a Focusing Teacher or Teacher-in-Training
♣ 3 2-hour workshops
♣ Support with building and maintaining a Focusing partnership
♣ Study references
♣ On-line Bulletin Board for discussing Focusing topics

Experience working/volunteering with people with mental health issues; registration form
a consultation and focusing session before the beginning of the course

When: Contact Isabella for the next dates!

Where: Evergreen Community Health Center, 3425 Crowley Drive (a stone’s throw from Joyce Skytrain Station)

For whom: People working with people with mental health issues, with a preference given to Peer Support Workers

Who: This course will be taught by Isabella Mori, M.Ed., MCPC and Focusing Teacher-in-training, supported by Jael Emberley, Focusing Teacher

How much: FREE!

To register, email Isabella Mori at or call her at 604 618 0830