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Focusing Teacher in Training

Judy Bertling

About Judy

In honour of Judy’s lovely Focusing practice and scholarship, she received the Proficiency in Focusing Partnership (PFP) award from The Focusing Institute (TFI) in September 2014. Judy’s fluency with Focusing and her lovely guiding have inspired us since her very first sessions in our Focusing circles during 2013. Judy has two regular Focusing partners. She has written about Focusing, facilitated group study sessions and brings Focusing into her community on a regular basis.

Judy is well versed in Equine assisted healing. Together with Focusing trainer Donna McIntyre, she created a workshop “Focusing and the Healing Horse”. Judy also received a grant from the Canadian government in support of a Focusing & Equine assisted healing workshop she created for soldiers with PTSD, She published a poetic children’s book, teaching about farm animals with delightful drawings. Judy’s worldwide travels included a major transition from urban life in Ontario, Canada to 14 years building from the ground up with wood from the land and help from horses to create Pioneer Farm in Prince Edward Island, Canada .

Writings by Judy:
Judy & April a beautiful journey of Equine friendship lasting forever
Question. What is Focusing? by Judy Bertling

Free Focusing Sessions

Judy Bertling from Nova Scotia, Canada, Focusing Teacher Trainee and Assistant Teacher, offers free Focusing sessions as part of her certification project. If you or someone you know would like to receive a free session please contact Judy as listed under her photo.

Level One Focusing Class

Focusing Level One: Encountering the Inner Relationship.

In this introduction to Inner Relationship Focusing you will learn basic Focusing and Partnership skills so that you can begin to practice Focusing partnership right away. Focusing partnership is the foundation for strengthening and including Focusing in your work and daily life.

You will learn to guide yourself through the four stages of a Focusing session, using facilitative language. You will strengthen your understanding of felt sensing, and the attitude of Self in Presence which supports you in your relationship with your inner experience, allowing your process to deepen and widen, safely and comfortably.

In this class you will also have an introduction to being a Companion, at first listening quietly to the Focuser, then having an opportunity to support the Focuser with more active listening skills, including some gentle reflection. Skills are introduced gradually, allowing mastery of one thing at a time, so that the learning is enjoyable and natural. Participants are given opportunities to practice in class, and encouraged to practice with one another and students from other classes outside of class time.

Registration and Contact

Judy is available for one on one sessions as well as for group sessions and series of classes in person on Prince Edward Island, Canada, via the telephone or via skype or zoom. To join a class, schedule a session and for administrative questions or special wishes, please contact Katarina:

Katarina Halm
Telephone: in Canada 604-263-9123
Email: studio@thinkinginmovement.ca

A writing trilogy: The whole of the healing that happens from the heart by Judy Bertling