Viola Rusche

In addition to giving Focusing sessions,
I work as an editor and filmmaker in Berlin, Germany.

I have practiced Focusing since 1998, starting with Astrid Schillings in Cologne and going on with the DAF in Würzburg. I have a Focusing partnership since ten years, which is a constant source of wonder and thankfulness in my life.  I love reading Gene Gendlin’s philosophical texts, so often it feels just like: Yes, exactly!

There is one experience, I would like to share with you: not only the dreams are fascinating, but also the way, we forget them!  Sometimes I lose a dream just in the moment I thought I could get hold of it and this phenomenon evokes a very strong felt sense in my body.

So I looked a bit closer and found out, that in normal life I only realize when I have already forgotten something, but I never witness the process or even the moment of the forgetting itself. So this starts to become quite exciting for me and gives me a double profit, either working with a dream (if it stays with me) or exploring the way I have forgotten it (which sometimes really feels as if somebody from the other side is pulling it away from me.)

I have the vague feeling that there is something important to find out about all this, that is why I want to share this with you.

For me a good balance of remembering dreams and forgetting dreams feels best, although this is not in my control, of course.

I felt a lot of respect for our inner regulation. It is not the quantity that counts and a comparison with eating (chewing slowly) feels right for me, too.

There is always a good reason, when dreams do not want to stay. Sometimes they are a bit like shy and wild animals and we should not aim at them so directly and better give them THEIR time to come. But also I have good experience with making the effort to write down immediately, even if something in me feels too tired. Funny, but for me it helps to keep one eye closed while writing, so that at least the closed eye can stay in sleep-mode. Of course, it is a trick, but it helps.

Concerning the theme of forgetting dreams, I now study the ways, they go away: sometimes it feels like they slip away, sometimes it is like evaporating, and sometimes as if somebody tears the dream away from the other side. I find that very fascinating, because it always feels as if on this other side there is kind of a huge reservoir of the other me, that I normally have no access to.


Geb.1960 in Kiel.

Bildende Künstlerin, Cutterin und Filmemacherin, seit 2000 in Berlin

1998 Begegnung mit Focusing, Ausbildung bei Astrid Schillings am Focusing Institut Köln (FINK), seit 2013 Mitarbeit als Assistentin. 2013 Zertifizierung am FINK und Focusing Institute, New York.

Weitere Focusing Ausbildungen: 2003-2009 Grundausbildung und weitere Ausbildungsmodule am Deutschen Ausbildungsinstitut für Focusing, Würzburg (DAF).

2012 Grundausbildung „Inner Relationship Focusing“ bei Katarina Halm, Vancouver.

Kontinuierliche Focusing Partnerschaft seit 1999, Arbeit mit Klienten seit 2005

Kontakt: [email protected]